Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Egg
Is it just me or does Ann look really pregant in this Lakorn.. or is she really and I just don't know about it? I'm just wondering because she's always wearing big clothing and covering her stomach all the time.


sarNie Coma
i dont like ann's wardrobe in this lakorn. but yeh, i think the kiss top all the thai drama lol. i dont remember seeing a kiss scene this intimate in a thai drama before. well, there was willy/anns too but it didnt last long


sarNie Adult
omg never would I have thought that the p'ek would be such a good actor. no offense to his fans. i started to watch this lakorn because ann t is obviously one of the greatest actress ever (i mean one of my favs) but yeahhhhhhh it is so good. i gotta admit there is a few boring parts here and there so i fast forwarded it. i'm on number 7. i feel that ann should at least tell her best friend about what had happened to her& who the father of her baby is. but yeahhhhhhhhhhh to be continued...


haha i knew that kiss was real.... now we all know how cheesy the fake kissing scenes are right? either taken from an angle or when the dude puts his hand near her lips and kisses his hand instead.... hahhahhaa funny..... i love ANN and MART.... my all time favorite couple atm!!!!

*Edit* man Mark's eye's are open O_O omg so not


sarNie Juvenile
LOL his lips latched onto hers realllly well! who said it wasnt real??! I love Ann because she's not afraid of that kind of stuff and actually agrees to kiss in numerous lakorns, and boy, for a second or two she was kissing him back. Mart had lip gloss on him afterwards. :lol:


sarNie Adult
where's tinah's post today?? hehe. just giving you a hard time. i had to rewind and watched that kiss a couple of times to make sure it was real. lols. i feel like a perv. but the lakorn is getting juicy..too bad its ending. boohoo.


sarNie Hatchling
OMGGGG, i have to see that >.< so cute; probably get to see it in 2 weeks time; dont think the video store is open during christmas or new years:(