Liking a best friend's BF/hubby

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by ayang874, May 2, 2011.

  1. ayang874

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    OMG this is such a funny MV. So my question is do you guys know someone who has the hots for their friend's significant other? I know a few people like this, haha. Also I know some OGs like this, too, and they eventually became divorced because of these forbidden thoughts and they actually acted on these desires. Now they're kinda shun by other Hmong people.
  2. YM_gurl

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    I like this song but I don't the lyrics haha and I don't know anyone like this. I think its a nasty thought.
  3. cookielee

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    the song is great but i dislike the music video
  4. cecilia

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  5. x_xshinx_x

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    O_O *SPEECHLESS* I don't know what kind of feeling i'm suppose to have... am I suppose to feel sad? happy? I don't know... WOW... they actually made such music video...

    I never actually heard/know this kind of cheating... BUT I know something similar... I know someone who switched of spouse... then at the end they agree to have a divorce and marry the other... Hmmm... understand? If not... Well like this:

    FOR example you and your best friend agree to change husband for a night. After that night ya'll like it so much, ya'll agree to divorce your husband and make a new life with your friend's husband.

    Mess Up? YEP, I agree. =_= DISGUSTING? Tell me about it?
  6. candi

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    That's gross.
  7. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    i think its gross when you like your friend's had a crush usband, but if they're just bf/gf, i see nothing wrong with it. i had a crush on my best firends bf, but she understood it though. then once my friend and i had a crush on the same guy and we argued so much, but it's just a crush.

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