Lhong Ngao Jun

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by xxGREENxx, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. xxGREENxx

    xxGREENxx sarNie Adult

    can any1 plz sub this lakorn for me?? I really wanna knoe wat they're saying!! THNX!!
  2. bill

    bill sarNie Egg

    Oh this would be so nice and since a lot of people are watching this even though they don't understand it like me. Hehehe. Thanks.
  3. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    I wish I can understand everything too...I get some parts but are lost on some...this sucks!!! But I'm still gonna watch it cause I love KOB!!!
  4. SnowFlakes

    SnowFlakes sarNie Juvenile

    Yeah that would be pretty cool!!!! I wish i can understand every funny part!!! lol;
  5. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    well , not not subbing the lakonr but teaching myself to learn the sub-program and so far im doing good :p anywho thank to Matty for the translation in Lhong Ngao Jun forum ***ahem** cuz i use it to sub the scene she describe :p

    Right click and save as



    those dat know how to use a bsplayer or media claassic player should be able to run dis :p :p
  6. SnowFlakes

    SnowFlakes sarNie Juvenile

    sarn i can't save the link for dl sub

    i do the right click but it said the page must be removed or change name..so i can't save it :blink:
  7. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    it work now .. u right click it and save it
  8. SnowFlakes

    SnowFlakes sarNie Juvenile

    can we run this with Gom Player?
  9. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    i guess so cuz dat the vdo and dat the sub file lol but i never use gom player but test it out and tell me if it work ok
  10. jaitee

    jaitee sarNie Egg

    sarn, i just watch your vdo clip and i think it's pretty good for your first time!! :w000t: ....it would be really awesome if there is someone that's willing to translate it and you can sub it. although it's going to be a time consuming and exhausting task, :sweat: but it would be greatly appreciate by the non-thai speaking fans!! :D :wub:
  11. SnowFlakes

    SnowFlakes sarNie Juvenile

    no :( sadly it doesn't work...
  12. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    i really dont know how to explain the sub/vdo plugin or player u know those addict&soopmi stuff lol so i just make a hard sub instead and yes it poor Q due to lack of good souce and goes thru lots of convert back adn forward lol

    ya can either stream it ---> click "play" or download

  13. Twinky

    Twinky sarNie Elites

    Thank You very much sarn for the subs....this scene is actually pretty funny when you actually understand what they are saying..hahhahaha.....ohhhhh...please someone form a sub group so all of us fan can really and truelly enjoy the lakorn...eventhough we are all capable of understand whats going on but it's even better just to understand what they are saying ...hehehe thanx again sarn
  14. oil_yui

    oil_yui sarNie Adult

    thanks sarn. it's better if someone can actually sub the whole episode. so us who can't understand thai can understand it more.
  15. jackielee978

    jackielee978 sarNie Adult

    OMG.......i did't know that Sarn knew how to sub this lakorn....the clip part was so funny, I was so cracked up watching them. :lmao: Too bad you didn't sub the whole episode. :(
  16. karenyang

    karenyang #1S.H.E.&NicTse

    :lmao: so this is what they're talking about....it's funny....but it wasn't funny when i first watch it, 'cause i don't even understand a word.... :lmao: thanks sarN....
  17. xxGREENxx

    xxGREENxx sarNie Adult

    that was so good, can you please............please purdy please sub some more or like the whole movie. i really like this movie but i can't understand anything at all....so please do it. :D
  18. SnowFlakes

    SnowFlakes sarNie Juvenile

    Thanks sarn, it's a good job u done!!! I'm now able to watch it with your new link!!! Thanks so much!!! :p
  19. SnowFlakes

    SnowFlakes sarNie Juvenile

    it's really funny!! more funnier when u see the gesture and everything!!!! LOL!!!! I have to agree that p'kim is quite funny, he has those kind of natural funny face!!!
  20. Captainlover

    Captainlover sarNie Elites

    thanks Sarn for the vdo clip. U did a great job. Yeap its better when u understand.

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