LG Shine VS. Sony Ericsson - W760a


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My parents are going to get me a new cellphone for my birthday, but I am stuck between the LG Shine and the Sony Ericcson. I have been wanting the LG Shine ever since it came out, but the Sony Ericcson is also very pretty and has a lot of cool features to it. Honestly, I am leaning towards the LG Shine, but I am just worried that the screen will catch every little hand print and scratch like crazy. I am not sure. Therefore, I am not sure which one I should buy :/ What do you think?



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I think Sony Ericsson is nicer and will match more for you ^_^
The LG Shine has a tiny and very sensitive navigation joystick, plus a flat and crowded keypad. -> that's the bad point <_<


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sony is better all round cnt beat a sony i love them! tho there are better sonys than that atm i think that sont is a bit old i seen it around for a while


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^^ that sony is a bit old i think. my brother has one, he doesn't use it much. he switches phones every single day. lol. i've liked the shine since it first came out as well. the sony ericsson is def good for the music, i think thats what its known for. im not sure what features the shine has, but it is a nice phone.

i've been thinking about upgrading my phone and i wanted the palm centro. however, i am glad that i didn't upgrade quite yet, because this quarter, im liking several phones att are coming out with! so i'll wait for a month before i decide to upgrade.


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I don't know much about cellphones, but I've always hated LG brands. They seem to break easily. I'd go with the Sony.


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I like sony more, especially their walkman series. I've already had 4 walkman series phone and I simply love them. ^_^


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Thanks for the replies! I am not quite sure. I stopped by the ATT store today. I guess I am leaning towards the Sony now. I am not sure, yet. No rush anyhow. I can buy it whenever. I will look around for more phones I guess : )


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If you're with AT&T, you should decided to go with a blackberry. They don't require you to have the blackberry data package either. I never thought I would ever get a blackberry, but now I have the blackberry bold and I just love it and I probably won't go with any phones other than blackberrys from now on. The curve and the bold are really nice phones too. Plus, my cousin had the LG shine and she didn't even use it for long, she's now using my sister's palm treo.


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Thanks! I am not sure, but I never had a thing for blackberry phones. I am more into the slide or flip phones rather than those type of phones...

Yes, recently I have been only hearing bad things about the LG Shine. LOL.


hahah i'm saving my giftcards to buy the sony idou (current concept name)... by the time it comes out, i just think i might have enough giftcards to buy it... what do u think mud? lmfao

i am a sony person, so sony i like lol... the LG shine is kinda blah...