Lek changed his name


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Lek- Jessada rungsakon.. he'd been an actor for so long but it seem like he doesn't going well as his surname..( the word "rung" of his surname is mean going well) finally he made a dicision to changed his name to "Nat hiranyaked" he belive this thing will make his life better.. and he also make offering to the temples.. by lately he'd joined a big offering project that is established by Tossapon Jungpanishkun" who is a headman of "Cohmron Buddha".. and the projest was showned on 2th - 18th of July.. he said

why would you like to changed to name?
" i just changed my name to 'Nat Hiranyakul.. because my fortune teller told me that my old name wasn't good.. it migh made harm to my life.. so i made up my mind .. i'd changed both of them, name and last name. 'Nat' has meaning, sage. and 'Hiranyaked' is wealthy . i hope changing the name does make my life better as a new life.. hope my job, my finance and my helath are going well.. i'm not got a large intestine pain but since i already changed my name, it has turned out to be better and i also doing the new things to my life"
how long before you'd made a discision?

"not so much long.. i saw my friends who changed the name, their life had been better.. and i thought it can seem going pretty well on them.. so i should try once.. when i was changing the name, i had not let anyone know.. just would like to tell them all in one time and got a bleam in one time ( laughing ) but they didn't blame me anything.. ialready get an new ID-card"

what about your love? how's it go? you just met your fortune teller, didn't you?
that is ok,too.. nothing much.. almost of the fortune tellers that i'd been met, they told me that your GF is the gal who been marriaged..

isn't P'Tong?
laughing in reply

Do you run a bussiness that P'Tom Ratchanekon is your partnership, right?
i running a bussinessabout 'Shake Magazine' that P'Tom is a partnership.. and the concept is swimming suit by the picture of male and female on its title page..i don't sure yet about how often the magazine is on a stand.. i'm now thiking it just twice a month.. the latest one is Ball-Passakorn's picture on its cover..

how feedback are?
it's ok but still got a paper problem .. we are trying to solve it..

do you afraid about there is a problem gonna happend among partnership?
i afraid sometimes but we can learn each ther from a problem.. and we learn to adjust ourself.. we listening to the big voices and then, find out the problem step by step..

what would you like to wish form this project?
" it's the grand opening today.. and i also join this grand opening day for good fortune.. the aims of this project is support Buddishsm and keep them alive and to promote a Buddha as well.. beside, we'll bring the money to offering for buit the bulding for monks who are suffering from illness.. and we'll bring the money to buil "Phapikkaned 16 kon" .. it's the first time of Thailand that there is a lot of an object of veneration for Thai people here, in this project.. i wish that everyone would come here and make offering for better life..this project had been showning till 18th of July.. at the third floor of Fashing Island Department store..

News credit to Lek Club
Translation credit to my penpal, Por Pitchaya from Thailand
Credit to Thai Boran Forum.


sarNie Adult
Going to miss his old name, but yeah it's his choice and yeah if the new name really helps him than, he should change it. Thanks, Sherrie!