Discussion in 'Japanese' started by pokie, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. pokie

    pokie sarNie Hatchling

    Anyone have Lead poster for sale?
  2. starocean

    starocean sarNie Egg

    do anyone knows the lead singers real name :spin:
  3. untinnu

    untinnu sarNie Adult

    I don't know who LEAD is..but I did come across their informations..and I don't who's the lead singer,..but..

    Akira Kagimoto

    ..maybe it's him..
  4. starocean

    starocean sarNie Egg

    what i meant was do anyone knows the lead singers' real name. if u do them please let me know.thax alot :spin:
  5. meiko

    meiko sarNie Egg

    i don't have any Lead posters but i LOVE them though!!! woo!!!=P
    i know their names~listing from oldest to youngest~
    haven't been really updated with them for a while now.

    hiroki nakadoi
    shinya taniuchi
    keita furuya
    akira kagimoto

    great group!!

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