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Gillian Chung Should Consider a Mature Image

Will Twins survive their seventh year together?

Since the leakage of her sex photos, Gillian Chung has been facing a spate of negative press, with netizens rallying for Twins to split, so that Charlene Choi can develop her career alone. As for now, their company, Emperor Entertainment Group has indicated no sign of ending the duo act. But during his visit to Shanghai, Manfred Wong expressed that this incident has caused some unhappiness during the Chinese New Year and that from a logical perspective, this issue has prompted thoughts on the standards of humanity, so everyone must think about this with a new view. Although it is not wrong for men and women to take photos in their private time, he believes that Edison is quite stupid for recording the process of love making. Manfred Wong also believes that Edison should come out and explain if the photos were taken legally.

This scandal has challenged the moral values of many people and it will only be time that will allow for this issue to die down. It has had a major affect on those who have been involved in the incident and so, many people believe that Twins’ should break up because Gillian Chung, who is 26 years of age, can no longer continue posing as a little girl. Many have recommended that she take the mature road, similar to that of Madonna and Shu Qi, who have both had similar experiences.


i think it's stupid how that person would want to ruin those celeb image....and now Nicholas wants a divorce with Ceci..but i think Nic did the right thing....poor nic....

btw, can anyone confirm if it's edison who post those pics or someone else? i'm confuse...


sarNie Juvenile
as the rumor indicated, Edison's pictures and videos got stolen. the guys who called themselves "Kira" tried to blackmail him and his company long time ago, but they refused to pay. so Kira released the photos. finally, EEG agreed to pay them HK $7 million to stop them from releasing the videos.


sarNie Adult
So, it's true about Nic divorcing Cecilia? Awww, I feel soo sad for Nic..I bet u, u girls wants to comfort him huh??? LOL..Hey I just hope that he will find someone better in the next future...And they had a baby together right..? He and Charlene should just stop denying that they're good friends and just hook up.. :wub: