Last Thing You Photographed Picture?


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For all the camera whores out there who take their camera every where with them or cellphone lol and when you see something interesting then you automatically go OH! I gotta take a picture of that! What was the last thing you took a picture of?

As for me we went fishing today and I happened to snap a photo of a family of ducks LOL I thought it was cute




Me and my best friend were going to the store on saturday. Luckily she drove in that neighborhood. So I told her to slow down so I can take a picture of that house mansion I should say! A $4million mashion that was built during my middle school years in the early 2000s. That mansion is just gorgeous. Everytime I pass by there, I had to stare at it until i lose distance from it!


^It is! I wish that's my house. Chaat nah mung! If I get lucky and be super rich. Lol^

Was looking through my photo albums and came across these pics of the snowy day back in winter. I thought the scenery look really nice. So what the heck why not you know. Got my cell phone out and got the camera on and SNAPS AND SNAPS! It's at the back parking lot at my work place.



sarNie Hatchling
well i went to my dad home town the other n found this!

i don't really know what it call in English though! but i knew it in ant family!


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lol.. i cant upload the pics because i saved it in ny graphic communication class computer lol.. we were to take pictures of a person around the school... etc .. lol..