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Discussion in 'Laotian' started by sh3lli3sh3ll, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. sh3lli3sh3ll

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    this might be wierd...ive never really heard of any lao actresses or actors..i was wonderin if nyone could name a few for me or evn better if u had pictures..ive always just watched and listened to thai now im kinda curious...well thanxs!!!
  2. champthong

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    On top of my head that I could think of is Alexandra Thidawun Bounxei (Boonchuay).
  3. exp0

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    Though Ananda Everingham now resides in Thailand and is considered as a Thai citizen, but he is half Laotian and Australian. I think his family is from the Luang Prabang region.
  4. noungning

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    were u looking for thai influenced laotians [i might word this incorrectly, but i mean they are producing/acting for thai entertainment] or stars that only performed in laos?

    the 2 previously listed are popular in thailand, but i believe there are movies and lakorns made with lao people, however i doubt it's recognized by anyone here unless they are in laos because i don't think it gets broadcasted to people in the states, but then again, i can be wrong.
  5. sh3lli3sh3ll

    sh3lli3sh3ll sarNie Juvenile

    yea i dont really care like any lao actors/actress in the business or watever i just wanted to know if there were any. thanxs for the help
  6. vonni

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    they actually made a movie about his parents escaping laos
  7. exp0

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    What is the name of the movie? Was it filmed by Thai or Lao producers?
  8. vonni

    vonni sarNie Egg

    I read it somewhere that his parents were seperated by the Laotian government in the 70s. If I remember correctly, his dad (John Everingham) was the journalist who brought his wife to Thailand by swimming across Mekong. Their story was actually made a movie called "Love is Forever"

    "Based on true events, Michael Landon portrays real-life journalist John Everingham who, while working in Laos in 1977, is accused of espionage by the repressive Cambodian government. He is tortured and expelled from the Communist-controlled country, but he cannot forget Keo Sirisomphone (Moira Chen), the Laotian woman he loves.
  9. PhoneO_5

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    well some lao actors and actresses are in lao movies, but lao people don't have that great of an acting skill.
  10. CTR

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  11. Susie

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    yeah i haven't heard of any. don't they have lao soap operas?? n e ways yeah ANANDA EVERINGHAM IS half Lao and Australian boy is he FINE!!!

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