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Discussion in 'Thai' started by Asy, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Asy

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    I guess I'm a little bit too late, but I wanna share this YT channel. They uploaded videos in HD up to 1080p.
    So far, they haven't uploaded dramas, but if you're interested, they have lakorns' teaser, The Voice Thailand (full episodes) etc
    I've only seen Tawanchai Nai Marn Mek's teaser, and I think the quality was pretty good.

    This is the link to the channel:

    They also have their official channel for HD Ads, if anyone interested:

    And, if you're looking for HD lakorns' uploader, for someone didn't know, ThinkJaden upload the lakorns in HD up to 720p. Her channel:
  2. cecilia

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    Thank you, Asy. I'v edit your topic to share other THAI YOUTUBE channels too.

    Everyone share other youtube channel you go to watch your lakorn to avoid multiple question in the future. Thank you to all who contribute in this thread.
  3. aikoden

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    Most of my favorite uploaders from back in the days already got deleted :(

    but here are some.

    I also upload some lakorns as well, but will mostly be uploading older lakorns.. and less ch7 lakorns due to copyrights.
  4. Alice

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