Lakorn Rumors/Updates


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Hey everyone! I thought it would be a cool idea to have a lakorn rumor thread for lakorns that we don't know officially are going to happen or are most likely going to happen but it may not be confirmed soon. I read into some instagram pages and articles and notice that I'm never confident enough to actually post a thread on the lakorn since it might not happen/I don't get into enough details. Please feel free to share things in here, such as "is it true that xx has a lakorn with xx" "they're planning on remaking xx" "rumors has it that xx moved channels and is going to be in xx". I think it would be interesting! Then if there's actual confirmation then that's great after!!

I'll start! I read they're planning on making Pred Watsutat, Noon's old ghost lakorn which I truly loved cause it was scary and had some crazy things in it like her killing her dad and some other twists lol. The rumor is Min will be playing in the lakorn! I think she would be so good in it. I remember they made a remake in 2012 with a low budget company that doesn't air on the main channels lol and the cast were a def no. So I would love to see it be remade with a better production and cast haha.

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Then there's rumors of Taew/Ter are having a lakorn for Channel 3! Ruk Lhong Jai

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Then Pinky in Nang Marn.. oooh she would be great.

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Please share more if you have any! I hear Ploy/Kob having an upcoming lakorn too and I hope its true!!


Wait so is it true that Ploy C is freelance now? And she’s heading over to Channel 7?