Lakorn OST in Khmer

Discussion in 'Khmer' started by Koy123, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. patesserie

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    I prefer direct translation too. It makes us look bad but at least the song will actually make sense and rhyme.
  2. Koy123

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    KC ost in Khmer
    Credit to kimchhung chea

    Taew in Cambodia
    Credit to Sabay TV
  3. Koy123

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    khmer host interviewing Joy and Mr. Kai in Bangkok
    Credit to Zorida Duong
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    Yes, she's one of the contestants from The Voice season 2. She made it until the semi finals (top 8). Typically, with every singing competition, RHM has those who make it to the live shows sign a contract with them for a year. Within the contract, those contestants have to sing/tour with them for different concerts (Toubourg, Carabao etc.) but they're not signed to be a recorded singer with them unless they're part of the top 4. RHM earns commission whenever other agencies or companies want to hire contestants for events like weddings and parties because they were recognized through Hangmeas TV and they're not allowed to sign with another production until their contract is over.

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