sarNie Egg
Hi, I will soon be opening a new website that sell old and new lakorn dvd for a very low price such as $1.00 a disc with great quality. The new series is high DVD quality. If you are interested just email me at and I will give you a link to my website. You may request the DVD if you don't see it on my website.

Some DVD that I currently have:

High Quality
Nang Suer
Roy Ruk Roy Barb
Pom Ruk Roy Adeed
Rang Rit Pitsawad
Song Sanae Ha
Muen Rao Ja Ruk Khun Mai Dai
Rong Rem Pee
Fai Chon Saeng
Liam Ruk
Plik Fah La Tawan
Seang Luang Seang Ruk
Sai Nam Chewit

I also have new airing lakorn just have put it up. I own a video store just try to sell it online..

old lakorn
Nang Lakorn
Hua Jhai Mee Ngao
Rang Ngao
Mia Lai Wun
Likit Pitsawat
Mae Nak (Nok/Tik)
Ka Kong Khon (Nubusa)


sarNie Egg
So I've asked many people who are selling Thai lakorns if they have Gred Morrakod (Sapphire Scale), and I'm also wondering if you have it. Please let me know asap. I've looked forever for this lakorn and no one seems to have it.