Lady Barn Na (TV Thunder)


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Credit to spicyforums
Towards the end. Looks good, seems fun, interesting and romantic. I'm going to tune in for sure.


I just saw the teaser for this and it look funny! Vicky looks pretty as usual!
@somp9 i think its airing the 10th of may? after Yard and Tui Lakorn in the evening slot.


sarNie Oldmaid
Credit to tost78

I didn't even realize this is on air. Lol. Tost78 already upload all of episode 1 and all of episode 2. This looks really good and fun, Vicky is Gorgeous!


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so funny how she takes them shower -- funny thing is .. there's no electricity, how did she get her hair all curl so pretty like that? must be lady -- electronic curler? lol


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i freakin <3 this lakorn. vicky and aunt are so awesome!!! this is hilarious. i love every bit of the lakorn. its also so cute because of their on screen chemistry from my pov. cant wait for more. woooo.


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Can anyone help me eng sub this drama on i really need help, I don't know any thai so all i can do is segment it. i can also get sum help for segment or eng sub.. please contact me so i can give u the info.


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omg I love this lakorn so much ... I started one episode and kept going >.< LOLLLLl ♥ as much as I was pissed at Aun in Dok Som See Tong.. I love him in here! LOLLL Lady Deedee is cuteee! All the cast members are so cute heheheh... payap falls in love with DeeDee so fast tooo LOL

*Whoever plays Aun's sister in here that girl looks so much like Baifern! LOL. Channel 3 can have their very own Baifern!


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