Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


what do you mean? between rita and rome's father or between rome and rita? i hope there's nothing that will tie rita to rome's dad since rome will eventually fall for rita.
it's a secret...

omg its getting good... they gonna meet each other... thanks. i wonder if there is going to b a :r-scene-pop-corn: ???
i dont know if i can put a R scene... hahaha because im kinda imagining this story as a lite drama and lite comedy... :p

I hope there is because Rome would think that the only way to stop Rita from seeing his father is to make her unable to face his father because she slept with Rome. Therefore she can't face the dad because she slept with the son. I am guessing this is what might be the reason for Rome's r-scene on Rita. haha, hope I am close. But I'll have to wait for the update to know if there's a r-scene between Rome and Rita.

close but not that close... :lol:


ok, imma start updating... :p


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i'm glad i'm with ya' girls on this fiction , do update more , i haven't picture all the chatacher yet and how they going to interact with each other .


Rome and Rita are finally going to meet! I can imagine Rome's eyes widen up when he sees Rita's pretty face!! Can't wait for your little surprise for us! Hehehe.

Omg, them stories you wrote about your elders are so funny especially the one you mention about seeing naked pics of your mom and her friends. They take naked pics of each other?! Lol​


Chapter 2/12

Mrs. Sang-an stood up straight as Rita just came. a question on her face, Rita was wondering if why Mrs. Sang-an called him "Mr. Patchata". it took her for awhile to realize who he was, she look onto him... he got his facial features from his father. "he's the younger version, i guess... i didn't know he got a son", she told herself while looking at him. however, there was something different from this man, he was the opposite version of his father.

Mrs. Sang-an took her for awhile and went to the bar.

Mrs. Sang-an: do you want to entertain him?
Rita: what do you mean? (still looking at him from afar. his order just came and he took a sip of the glass of whiskey.)
Mrs. Sang-an: he's the son of Mr. Patchata
Rita: and so? isn't that good that he was looking for me and maybe his father suggested me to entertain her?
Mrs. Sang-an: that's not what i meant. im... im just... im just concern to you. i just want to let you know that he's different from his father.
Rita: oh? yeah, he's the younger version... (she just smile as if she has full of confidence if how she'll handle this man. however, Mrs. Sang-an was also right. the first time she saw him is that there was something about him that she couldn't understand.)
Mrs. Sang-an: Rita, im serious.
Rita: (before she could go, Mrs. Sang-an was warning her already.) yeah... yeah... i'll be fine dont worry. you have your rules here, im sure that he'll never do something bad to me.

she then went to Rome's table, she sat right next to him and pour him another whiskey to his glass. Rome eyed on her, but expressionless. she look at him and smile, then she gave the glass of whiskey to him. everybody from other VIP sections still looking at them, she could here them gossiping each other... she dont know what's the big deal if she's with the son of her regular customer. maybe because they're just well-known.

Rita: so... uhhh... mmmm... just dont mind them, i know they're looking onto us because you're a well-known person. im Rita- (she was about to offer an handshake.)
Rome: you dont need to introduce yourself. i know everything about you... (she got dismay a little bit, she dont know where she could exactly put herself to him.)
Rita: uhhh... mmmm... so... you are??? (she meant to ask if what people used to call him and so she wanted to know his name.)
Rome: i thought you said, im a well-known person... why the hell you're asking my name? (turning his head to look somewhere else. not interested.)
Rita: (with her first 2 lines of how she'll entertain him... with her third line, she dont know what to say anymore. it's her first time to meet someone like him, plus, he's far different from his father.) uhhh.... i guess... i dont need to talk anymore. but you know... you're far different from your father. (he finally look at her again. speaking of his father, what's the difference between him and his father anyway.)
Rome: how different?
Rita: (she dont know if he sounded so interested or not.) well, he's funny and... sweet. he's nice...
Rome: no wonder you got him by your charm... (he whispered in airy.)
Rita: what?
Rome: speaking of my father... that's the reason why i came here. stay away from my father... because a person like you will only ruin our family's reputation.
Rita: (he was serious with his words.) is that what you really came for? well, let me tell you then that your father and i are nothing but friends.
Rome: friends with benefits... tell me, what do you offer him to maintain your status?
Rita: (she can't believe what she just heard. someone like him who mistook her being a whore! she slapped him and before she could stood up from the seat.) im not what you think.
Rome: (he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him. their faces were inches apart.) i wasn't finish. (he never took off his eyes on her.) i have few words to you... STAY-AWAY-FROM-MY FATHER.
Rita: (she let herself get away from him.) i have two words for you... Mr. Patchata. YOU-WISH! (she sway her hair on airy, then she walked out.)

Mrs. Sang-an witnessed everything from afar. Rita passed by on her, but she went straight to the dressing room. while Rome left standing in front of everyone, he almost forgot... that girl and him just made a scene. how embarrassing for him. he get his wallet from his jacket and as soon as he put the money on top of the table, he also left right away.


"what just happened there?", Mrs. Sang-an asked her right away as she got inside the dressing room where Rita fixing her hair. she was really pissed, she hope not to see that guy anymore. she hate him. simply.

Mrs. Sang-an: Rita-
Rita: i will tell Mr. Patchata that his son visited me.
Mrs. Sang-an: what? Rita, the one you slapped there is his son.
Rita: so what? i wont do such a thing to my customer if that guy didn't insult me.
Mrs. Sang-an: but its beyond rules of this club. i saw everything... awhile ago, you two were just talking... and then you just slapped him.
Rita: you saw everything... but you didn't hear anything. he mistook me for a whore.
Mrs. Sang-an: isn't this club what is all about?
Rita: but im not a whore... im just a hostess.
Mrs. Sang-an: Rita, to their eyes... whores and hostess are just the same. it's just a matter of selling off your body to them if your price is right, didnt i told you that. (she shook her head. she felt like she's gonna lose her business anytime soon because of Rita. her most favorite just ruined everything with just a snap.)

she was right... she forgot all the rules because she got carried away awhile ago, but she only did that because how come his father was respecting her... and yet, this son of him is too different from his father. she look up onto Mrs. Sang-an, she knew what she was thinking, she stood up and gave her a hug "don't worry... i wont ruin your business. i'll talk to Mr. Patchata... promise...", for some reason Mrs. Sang-an felt relief. but hope the events awhile ago... wont happen again.

after that, both Rita and Mrs. Sang-an went out of the dressing room as they got back to work.


"Rome... can you visit here tomorrow? i'll be at my office tomorrow", a recorded voice message came from Aff, his colleagues and also became his business partner in some business chains aside from she's running a big mall, while he's running an investment company. everytime she calls, he knew what she wants already. a shoulder to cry on. she maybe had a big fight again with her fiance who's also his friend.

he turned off his phone, as he read all the messages and listened to all voice calls who left a message for him. he was on his way home, to his condo unit. no, rather call it penthouse. since he owned a 20-storey building. once he arrived to his penthouse, as always... he let himself fall at the sofa and just stare out of nowhere. thinking deeply.

his memory from the bar is still fresh, thinking of that woman again. he couldn't take his madness over that woman, no one had ever slapped him before... except for that woman.
"that bitch... i'll get you tomorrow...", talking to himself again. but images of her stuck inside his mind, he could still remember the moment their eyes met. the moment he grabbed her hand to pull her closer to him, he almost kissed her... because as far he can remember their faces were inches apart and their pointed nose bumped into each other. he could understand that scene, as if there was something but he couldn't describe it.

she's just an ordinary one when she talks and one thing he realized is that she's the type of person who doesn't take things seriously.


"ggggggggrrrrrrrrrr~!!!!!!! if you could only see his face. ahhhhhhhhhhh~!!!!", she let herself fall to Anne's bed. still not over with the guy she met at the bar. Anne was just sitting at the corner, as usual... she's with her laptop all over again, but she turn around to look at her friend who felt so tired as she was resting her body to Anne's bed. "so tell me... where did you actually meet that guy. you stormed here at my room just to tell me that you met this mad guy...", she said.

Rita: (she arise a little bit and look at her.) i met him at the- (she almost forgot... she must not tell her friend that she works in the bar.) i met him.... at the call center where im working.
Anne: who is he? is that customer of yours... and you didn't gave him some good services?
Rita: (speaking of that. she could remember how Rome insulted her.) if im going to see him again... i tell you... im gonna kick his ass.
Anne: (she softly giggled at her.) mmmm... i was having writer's block awhile ago. i think... i feel like i wanna add that to one of my scenes here.
Rita: Anne~! (she finally stood up and look at the laptop, she saw her name again in the said story that her friend was typing.) Anne~! you're going to used my name again?
Anne: i feel like i wanna used it for awhile...
Rita: Anne- (she stared for a long time to her friend's laptop and read some of the character details.) Rome???
Anne: uhuh... that's the name of the guy. of course, i changed some of the characteristics you have.
Rita: where did you get this name?
Anne: i just figured out.

with her amazement, how ironic... because the man she met awhile ago, the one she's referring is none other than but Rome. before she could asked her again, Aum suddenly opened the door. "hi...", he greeted. he look onto Anne. she got a signal from him to leave them alone first. so Anne finally stood up and carried her laptop to go at her small living room.


"i brought you something...", Aum held up his hand with plastic that contains a food. she knew it was her favorite, but she dont wanna tempt herself just to forgive him. what he did was just so unreasonable and what time now... it's already 2 o'clock in the morning. their one year anniversary just ended 2 hours ago...

Rita: im not hungry... (she crossed her arm while looking away from him.)
Aum: Rita-
Rita: it's 2 in the morning... didn't you even think that people in this building are already sleeping?
Aum: but i know you're not asleep yet.
Rita: and so?
Aum: look... Rita, i came here to apologize and i dont wanna ruin our day-
Rita: well, you just did. since you chose your overtime on that work... then i guess i have no choice but i have to overtime also. but if i were to chose, im not gonna attend my work just for a big date that someone promised.
Aum: Rita... im sorry already. you know that im working for future. please... don make this difficult.
Rita: you're the one who's making it difficult. why dont we just break up... and then... go... do whatever you-

before she could finish, Aum kissed her. how tempted to be with him but not now. she's not in the mood, all she wanted to speak out what she feels. so pushed him away and slapped her "i dont want you to do that again...", she stepped back and better if she'll walk towards that door and leave him. there she saw Anne typing to her laptop, she sat with her and then finally Aum came out.

Aum: im going now.
Anne: you're going now? why dont you just sleep over here. i'll just sleep here in the living room while you two... use my- (before she could finish, Rita elbowed her on the side.)
Rita: Anne~! (she look at him.) why dont you go home now...
Anne: Rita, dont you pity him? (Anne look onto Aum, but her eyes traveled until she sees what was Aum's holding.) Rita... she brought your favorite~! (she stood up and come closer to Aum.) Rita-
Rita: Anne!
Anne: Aum, did you brought it for me? (Aum just nod but his stare was on Rita.) great~! (Anne get the plastic bag that contains Rita's favorite dish.)

"im going now... i'll just see you tomorrow", Aum gave the plastic bag to Anne and went already. Rita was still hurt. she didn't have to feel this way but it was his fault to make their relationship come to this. "drowning with pride again... i'll just eat this cranberry cheesecake by myself", it was Rita's favorite. now, automatically it registered her guiltiness that she brought into fight. she just found out that the reason why Aum overtime from work was to buy her a cranberry cheesecake that she wanted for past 2 months. it just shows that the cake was too expensive for them to buy it, so Aum worked everything out just to gave her what she wanted.

Rita felt so hungry by watching Anne from the opposite couch where she sits and concentrate to her slice of cake. Anne look at her and licked the spoon she's using, she wanted to make her friend jealous and make her hungry even more. "you know if you keep your pride there... you'll be hungry... and minutes later, i'll be the one to finish that", Anne said as she took a spoonful of cake and cheese cream left to her upper lip and licked it.

she couldn't take it anymore... once she gets a piece of cake, it only means that they're good now. before she could take a slice of a cake, Anne stopped her for awhile "oooopppps.... once you get one, you should call him and say 'thank you' and 'sorry'", she said. Rita whispered to herself "whatever" and finally gets a piece of a cake.


the only reason why Aff called Rome to see her was the thought that the two(Ken and Aff) had a big fight. but it wasn't at all. the two wanted to surprise him with a designer for him to fit and what kind of formal suit that fits him most. Ken put his arms to Rome's shoulder and was smiling as the couple wanted to tease him. for they knew that Rome may not attend their wedding day.

Rome: this was what it's all about? (he asked with expressionless on his face. as he's always been arrogant and always serious about things. rather concentrates to his work than hanging out with his friends.)
Ken: Rome, we know you eversince...
Aff: your friend's going to have an unforgettable event and... you shouldn't miss.
Rome: i already told you that im going somewhere, my father already assigned me to attend-
Aff: i already talked to uncle. so i dont think you have any excuses to make anymore.
Rome: do you think... (the tailor starting to measure him and he started to get irritated. but he look at the two.) once you get me a dress for the wedding, i will attend?
Ken: my friend, that's the only thing we want to ask for you...
Aff: and you kept your promise once.

he can't do anything with these two, but he'll surely can't attend their wedding. he rather chose work over this event. he raise his two hands as the tailor continued measuring his body, all of a sudden the woman he met last night flash into his mind. yes, there are other things to be done than to attend the wedding.

he just bluntly said yes, so that the two wont bother him anymore, but yet... he still have other plans today. Aff escort him outside the office, there they had time to stroll around and a little chit-chat. while walking around the mall with Aff... he thought he saw familiar girl at afar. a promo girl who's entertaining all alone while the people passed by on her. Aff wanted to show him around, she knew how busy and being workaholic this friend of her, Rome.

Aff grabbed his hand to see one their staff at the department, he was dragged to see what was their staff promoting. a lot of people watching the promo girl and so Aff wanted to see it if how it goes. but as they watch the promo girl together with the other crowd, the girl was just so familiar. from there, it flash to his mind the girl he met last night.

in a blinked, the promo girl looked to where he and Aff standing. as the promo girl looked at them, she was a little bit surprise when she saw him.

"who is she?", Rome asked Aff who's standing beside him. Aff look onto Rome and notice that he must be a little interested with this girl. "mmmm... you know that we got hundreds of staffs here... how am i supposed to know her name. but i think she's one of the best staffs we have so far-", she cut herself there as she looked at him again. her mouth twisted in a lopsided lazy smile. she there was something about her staff that got Rome interested.


finally, she and Anne had their break. they were having lunch inside the storage room since Anne was assigned there while Rita was assigned for being a promo girl. she always join her lunch to her friend and since she and Aum are now in good terms... Aum cooked something for her to eat this lunch and she wanted to share it with Anne.

Anne: you know... if you two will get marry... im sure the housewife will be Aum. (she and Anne both laugh while taking their lunch.)
Rita: you only said that because he's better than me... if only i have enough money... i'll go take cooking classes.
Anne: do you have a water there? (Rita forgot to buy some drinks for them. so she didnt have any.) ok... i'll get you one. i'll be right back. left something for me, huh.

Anne went to buy some drinks for them, while Rita was just busy texting and sending Aum some quotes. as she stood up from her chair, she bumped accidentally on Rome, the man she met last night... yes, she saw him awhile ago. she wanted to hide from him but she dont know why and on the second thought... he's with their boss, the part-owner of the mall.

Aff: Rita... Rita right? (she asked if she guess her name was right.)
Rita: uh...uh... ye-yes, ma'am. (she dont know why she's being stutter on that moment, as for the man who's standing infront of her was staring at her.)
Aff: my friend here... he's Mr. Rome Patchata...
Rita: good afternoon, sir...
Rome: i didn't know you're working here... (he smile at her as if nothing happened last night.)
Aff: oh... so you know her?
Rome: i guess so... (for a moment, his smile fade away and as if he shows her that he's reminding her what happened last night.) Aff...
Aff: mmmm?
Rome: i think Ken's looking for you now. (Aff understood what he was trying to say, he was simply commanding her to leave him alone and have a private conversation with one of her staffs.)

as Aff left them, Rita immediately turn her attention back to the food. she clear those mess on top of the table, still ignoring the person behind her. she carry those trashes and before she could walk, Rome already stopped her by grabbing her hand and pushed her to recline against the wall. "you still have the guts to ignore me even if im your boss's friend?", showing his arrogance on her.

Rome: we're not done yet after what happened last night.
Rita: im not afraid of you even if you were the most powerful person in the world.
Rome: oh, really? or do you want me to fire you... and i'll make sure that you'll be jobless.
Rita: you're not gonna do that-
Rome: oh, yes i can... (he even pushed her harder against the wall, until she feels hurt but she was fighting.)
Rita: what do you really want from me! i dont even know you... i dont think i did something bad from you...
Rome: not to me... but to my family, yes! the way you talk is like as if you dont know what i really want.
Rita: about what!?! your father!?! (she's already hurt.) get the hell away from me! im hurting!
Rome: not until you stay away from my father.

"fine! fine~! i'll stay away from your father", after he finally get an answer from her, he let go of her. she pushed him away and he made a distance between them. "tell your father to not come in our bar anymore, if you dont want me to seduce him!", she answers him back. but before Rome could come do something to her, she picked the fork and pointed on him. "stay the hell away from me~! or else-", Rome just smile at her but with a devilish smile on his face.

"as long as you stay away from my father... i will stay away from you either...", he said. she dont know why this man threatening her and how come this man mistook her for being a whore and now a lover of his father. if she could have the rights to kill this man... she will. but yes, it does matter if this man's powerful... he might kill her anytime and in fact, it scares her. but she dont wanna show it.

she dont understand why this man's being overprotective to his family's reputation, she dont think she did something to his father and the reason why his father always wanted to see her was because he's interested to the necklace she's wearing everyday. it was given by her mother when she was still small and it is one way she became close to Mr. Patchata.... but this man... he's just so unreasonable.

in the end, she thinks that she needed to talk to Mr. Patchata to let him know about what his son did to her.


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THANKS belle for the fantastic it's b/c of a necklace that rome's father is close to more questions arises what's special about the necklace and when will he kidnap her away and the reason for it too many excitement at the same time...can't wait


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Okay I am glad, so meaning Rita is still pure! Yeah!


Rita is not a whore? Is she still a virgin? Is she a prostitute? I am curious...
yip... heeheehee :D

THANKS belle for the fantastic it's b/c of a necklace that rome's father is close to more questions arises what's special about the necklace and when will he kidnap her away and the reason for it too many excitement at the same time...can't wait
what's so special about the necklace... mmmm... i think im about to give some spoilers after i update chapter 3 later... :)

Okay I am glad, so meaning Rita is still pure! Yeah!
yeah, because there's something will turn out in this story. plus, if not with Mrs. Sang-an... for sure Rita will plays as a whore here.
but something will came up... :) since this has 12 chapters only... you'll know soon what will happen. ^_^


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I think that Rita's mother was Rome's father's past lover. Awwww Aum seems so sweet, although he works a lot, he worked to buy Rita that cheesecake. Anne is so funny in here.


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finally caught up.. i likee it so far... I see that the couples are all mixed up again.. now I gotta try and pinpoint who belongs to whom like in 5Roses!


Chapter 3/12

Rome went back to the office and only Aff was there, while Ken went out for the meeting. but a mischievous smile that he first saw on Aff's face "where's Ken?", he obviously know where Ken went but he chose to ask it even if something with Aff's smile.

Aff: isn't obvious?
Rome: what are you smiling at?
Aff: nothing... mmm... im just reminiscing here until you came...
Rome: what about?
Aff: nothing...
Rome: (he sat at the corner where a small living room placed in Ken's office.) so how's everything goes here in the office?
Aff: Rome, why with all questions why do you have to asked if what's happening here... you already know what's happening here. why dont you just ask me if what's with my staff? or should i be the one who should ask you if why all of a sudden you ask about her... (she was referring to one of her staff here in the mall, Rita.)
Rome: i only ask about her because there's something to be done.
Aff: to be done?
Rome: you wouldn't understand... (he dont wanna tell to his friend that the girl he met last night and the girl who's working as promo girl in the mall was just one person only. and the fact that, she's a whore... since he's one of the investors in the mall, he would chose to fire that girl.) i'll be transferring to Chiang Mai by the next three days... (changing the topic.)
Aff: and?
Rome: that's one of the reasons why i can't attend your wedding. i'll be busy and i dont know how many months will i stay there.
Aff: Rome~! you promise already-
Rome: i can't... i really can't... (he hissed.)

but then something came up, his friends always knew him if he wanted something... then he has to get it. "fine... i'll attend if you really want me to... but there's a favor i would like to ask...", he said with his firm tone. he's always serious about many things... from his plans to his work... everything always been impressive. but this seems different, Aff wondered for some reason. "i want that girl works in my company... but i dont want you to tell her that she'll be working with me...", he's commanding again and Aff couldn't refuse at all.

"i knew it...", she said. she knew that he's planning something for that girl but whatever it is... she dont wanna get involved. but still... she's involve.


a threat would come out anytime from that man again, she thought. she just got a call from Mr. Patchata who wants to see her at this hour, how can she make an excuse during at her working hours. but Aff called her for a moment and so whether she like it or not, she's going to see that man again to her boss's office. but surprisingly, as she got into Aff's office, the man she hates wasn't even there. maybe he left already, she told herself.

Aff: hi... (she's the first one to greet her, it's expected already... since Aff was being nice to her staffs.)
Rita: ma'am, you called me?
Aff: yes... mmmm... i want to know if when did you meet Rome Patchata?
Rita: (that she couldn't tell.) uuuhhhh.... why? did he said something to you?
Aff: nope... mmm... it just got me curious... but if you dont wanna tell... it's ok. (Rita remain standing infront of her.) have a seat by the way...
Rita: (and so she sat on the couch.) uhhhh.... is there something you want from me, ma'am?
Aff: oh, yeah... mmm... i wanna get some more information about you...
Rita: about me? why?
Aff: why do you keep asking? is there someone you're avoiding with?
Rita: no, ma'am... (was she being obvious, of course she's avoiding that man... maybe that man asked her boss to get some more information about her.)
Aff: anyways, the reason why i called you... is that... on the next three days, you'll be transferring in Chiang Mai...
Rita: oh, ok- what???? ma'am??? did i heard just right?
Aff: yes... and i chose you to work at the other branch... and that would be in Chiang Mai.

there only 2 things questioned herself right away, if the reason why she has to be transfer... is it because of that man she hates? or was it Aff's decision? before she could speak out, Aff said "you may be thinking that Mr. Patchata wanted you for some reason... but this is one of the reasons why i have to transfer you in other branch, that's because you're capable to be a manager of a shopping mall...", she ended.

"what??? a manager to a shopping mall? you- you... you're promoting me then?", she asked surprisingly on her face. Aff nodded and agreed what Rita's guessing. but what she didn't know was there something else.


"so what do we have here? why did my own son wanted to see me in my own house?", Mr. Patchata expected that his son needs something from him. but there was never a time Rome ask something for him, he's always been intelligent and the fact at his young age... he can be the president of the company that his great grandfather built. always been trusted and all the transactions were approved by some of their biggest clients in some other countries, Mr. Patchata couldn't remember how he nurtured him, what he did was simply caring his own child. he's always been a full-time mother and a full-time father, he always brought his son from the events where he goes and to the some business clients. no wonder his son grew up of how he was being business minded. but comparing himself from his son... it was way too far from where his son right now.

Mr. Patchata: i guess you're not here to ask something right? if you would i'd be glad to answer.
Rome: really... (bluntly said.) yes, you're right... i came here because there's something i wanted to ask.... it's a favor.
Mr. Patchata: (he's licking his own lollipop, it's so rare to see your old man licking a lollipop. actually, it's weird. but that was Mr. Patchata's nature.) and what is that?
Rome: will you stop licking your lollipop first? it irritates me...
Mr. Patchata: it's a grape yogurt flavored, it's good for the health... anyways, back to what you're saying?...
Rome: i dont want you to hangout in downtown area, i dont wanna hear that you came to the bar just because you're looking for some women.
Mr. Patchata: ahhhh... so it is you the one who's following me... or should i say "your" men is following me.... (continue licking his lollipop.) why, my son? i dont think i did something wrong there... in fact we own some of the establishments in downtown, so why you dont want me to go there anymore?
Rome: i have my reasons... (thinking about her again.)
Mr. Patchata: will you tell me then?
Rome: what about you?
Mr. Patchata: there's someone i always visit there and she's very important to me. but... i wont tell you not unless if you tell your main reason.

for some reason, Rome and his father are very much alike... they always wanted something in return and they would always ask for it. what would be Rome's reason then, it was nothing but that woman only... he can't believe that his own father is being mysterious at this moment, as if he dont know him anymore.

no one but himself only can stop him from going to downtown area and see the nicest girl he ever met. that's because she inherit her looks from her mother and the fact that her mother was his old lover... his soulmate during the time they were still together. the necklace was the reason and has lots of reason for him to coincidentally meets her daughter.


"so you mean to say... the reason why Mr. Patchata likes me is because he's interested with this necklace?", Rita was over the phone while changing her clothes at the ladies room. since Anne went out already because she needs to pass something at the publishing company, while Rita's about to get ready herself to go at the bar to work. but as she's inside the cubicle changing clothes, she's talking to Mrs. Sang-an.

Mrs. Sang-an: the first time he saw you, he asked if you borrowed something from me, such as accessories... but i said none of the above. then, he said something about the necklace...
Rita: uhuh... and?
Mrs. Sang-an: i just wanna ask if where did you get that necklace you're wearing?
Rita: oh... this? (she stared at her necklace.) it's from my mom... she gave it to me when i was a kid...
Mrs. Sang-an: i see... do you think... your mother knows Mr. Patchata?
Rita: i dunno... i dont have any idea about my mom's past... but whatever it is... i dont think it involves me either. (she said as she got out of the cubicle.)

she went to the lavatory and place her big bag on top of it, then she gets her curling iron for her hair. after ironing her hair, she just applied a light powder and a lipstick. she dont have to put some heavy make up since she has a natural beauty that could capture every man at the bar. they end up getting jealous over Mr. Patchata, since he's the only one she entertains. "speaking of Mr. Patchata... i think he'll visit tonight and once i get talk to him... i will tell him what happened to me and his son... im just so damn pissed over his son. he's not very much alike with his father after. yeah, though he has the looks... but damn~! i hate him... still", she admitted to Mrs. Sang-an.

after a little chit-chat over the phone with Mrs. Sang-an, she told her that she's about to go and see her. she got out of the ladies room and didn't expect that a lot of people would stare at her, especially those guys. as if she's the flavor of the eye of every man she passes by. it's her first time she being dress so sexy, her co-workers didn't even recognize her. it's better that way, because she rather keep it to herself the job that she took not only a few months ago. she has no time to dress up at the bar's dressing room... so she just had a quick transformation at the mall and once she got in the bar... she'll work right away.


"i think my father keeps something... it's good that im not done with that girl yet. i have to see her again and ask her if what's her relationship with my father", he said while Abi's standing behind him. waiting to command him again if what he wants.
"but isn't it obvious already, she's a bitch... and my fathers' secret lover. i would i still ask her if what does my father wants from her. to think that the answer is already there, she's a whore... and a whore simply gives pleasure to any man. and that includes my father...", he said to himself.

Abi: do you want me to investigate any further?
Rome: like?
Abi: like she's working at the mall... and we can eye on her even more.
Rome: (he smile, he realize that his assistant can be slowpoke sometimes.) i know... and i didn't expect to see her at the mall where she's also one of Ms. Taksaorn's staff employee there.

in a blink, Abi was surprise... that his own boss got already an information about this girl. on the other hand, he also wondering if why would his boss spend his time to get some more information about this girl. he thinks that this girl is nothing serious and so what if his father has secret lover? what's the big deal?


he stared for a long time on her, studying her facial features... even if she wouldn't say it, Mr. Patchata already knows what maybe she wanted to say. from his bag, he gets the paper bag that filled with candies. he gave it to her...

Rita: wha-what's this?
Mr. Patchata: open it...
Rita: (she opened it and lots of candies filled the paper bag.) oh... (that was her first reaction, she like everything sweet. from desserts to candies.)
Mr. Patchata: do you like sweets? (Rita just showed him a smile as he guess already the answer.) you're just like someone i knew from before... she also like sweets. i was just wondering if inherited from her...
Rita: (at first, she dont know whom he was describing, not until she remembers the necklace she's wearing. she look at him and he was staring at her necklace.) uhhh... Mr. Patchata, how come you wanted to get to know me... and how come you're being so nice to me.
Mr. Patchata: isn't that supposed to be the man should do...?
Rita: (true, that's what she wants from a man. Mr. Patchata and her boyfriend Aum has the similarities. and if she would think his son... he's not very much alike to his father nor a man she wants. he's just too arrogant.) Mr. Patchata... your son-
Mr. Patchata: you finally speak out... i thought you wouldn't want to tell me that you met my son already.
Rita: (she got a little surprise. though she wasn't finish yet.) your misinterpret everything about us... about me...
Mr. Patchata: mmmm... he's always like that. but dont worry about him.
Rita: how can i not be worried... if your own son threatens me.

Mr. Patchata didn't expect that his son would do such a thing, indeed he misunderstood everything. maybe if her mother is still alive then maybe these two knew that they're bound to marry despite of their rebuff of love.... "their rejected love" in the past. it's like the only promise that was left was to bound their daughter and son to get marry, as if they'll be the one to continue of what their parents started.

for him, how ironic... seeing Rita's face got all the features of her mother. while him... everybody says that his son was his younger version. "Rita, there's something i would like to ask from you... but first, i want to invite you to my upcoming cocktail party. i want you to meet my old friends. the party will be this weekend.", he said. Rita dont know how to answer him, Mr. Patchata wants to invite her to his party... but what if she meets his son there? it will be a big trouble for sure. not only that. her boss will transfer her in Chiang Mai this weekend, she thinks that there's short circuit in time scheduling...

it only means that she dont know if she'll accept his invitation or not since she has other obligations.


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yes, Rita accept Mr. Patchata's invitation. since Mr. Patchata offered her a money to escort him at the party. but what happens if Rome sees her?
will Rome threats him even more or there will something would turn out unexpectedly?


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finally caught up!!
so as I was reading chapter 2, I've already had a feeling that Rome's dad and Rita's mom had a relationship before...LOL
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finally caught up!!
so as I was reading chapter 2, I've already had a feeling that Rome's dad and Rita's mom had a relationship before...LOL
and yeah, it was confirmed on the next chappie! hahahaha
Rome's dad seems like a sweet old guy and childish too...hahaha
can't wait for next chapter, ate! :lol:

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