Kwan is a fan of Om Akapan


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Credit to dirtii-laundry
Whereever you turn every girl is swooning over “Om” Akapan Napart, every girl including leading actress “Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon.
The channel 7 starlet announced she’s a fan of Om Akapan and would like an opportunity to work with him
Apparently you have a crush on Om?
“Yes, I really like him. I liked him ever since he starred in that music video for Bodyslam. When I heard he’s studying at the same university as me I like him even more (laughs) I’ve been following his work, like his latest project ‘Prajun lai prayak’. While I was working on the set of ‘Hong Fah’ I was watching his lakorn, everyone on the set were hooked on it (laughs)”
I heard Tle is upset with you because of your admiration for Om
“(laughs) oh that, yes, one time the crew, the director and P’Tle we were all watching ‘Prajun Lai Prayuk’ and with me being Wayu’s biggest fan, I said to the director we should change the leading man of this lakorn to P’Om because P’Tle is useless (laughs) I like to tease him but P’Tle was upset, but it’s nothing really, it was just a laugh”
Since you like him so much, would you like to work with him?
“If given the opportunity, of course I would. He seems very hardworking and it would be good to work with him”
You’re so open about your feelings for him, aren’t you afraid of rumours?
“No, it’s got nothing to do with it. If I like him I’ll say it and to me, like or admire or whatever, to me is liking him because of his work, it’s got nothing to do with rumours and all my friends like him too (smiles)


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LOL I liked him since Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud. I went bowling like hmmmm.... The end of March and I seen this guy that looked like him. I stared at that guy for like the whole 2 hours that he was there. I think the guy was Vietnamese though and he was really good at bowling.


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ahaha who wouldn't love om? he's so lovable!! XD..
ahaha i wouldnt mind seein them pair up XD.. lalalala..


So happy about the lakorn btwn the two because I knew she like him hahah but sadly she's not in the lakorn anymore. I have high hopes in the future for the two