Kwan dad found dead in parked car


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The officials at Petchaburee police station were informed that a dead body was found in a Bronze Isuzu Vertex parked in the parking lot of a local eatery.
The dead man was later identified as 61 year old police officer Kasem Polkerd, the father of famous channel 7 actress “Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon.

Ornanong Suepan, the shop keeper of the eatery revealed to the police officers that Officer Kasem parked his car at the shop at around 10am this morning. When he stepped out from his car, he had a beer bottle in his hand and appeared to be intoxicated.
Officer Kasem ordered food and drank beer at the shop by himself for about an hour before heading back to his car. Later he returned to his vehicle to turn on the air conditioning and took a nap.
At 12 noon, he was still conscious and was seen occasionally moving his head around inside the vehicle.
The shop keeper said, she didn’t think too much about it, she thought he was only resting because he was drunk. However at around 2.30pm, she noticed something was odd and tried to approach the man to wake him only to discover that he was no longer breathing.
Dr Numthorn Klibesuwan examined the officer’s body and revealed the man died from the effects of alcohol and the lack of oxygen from being in the closed car with no open windows

credit to dirtii laundry.


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^i feel sad for kwan for loosing her dad .. but i can't help and think about this whole alcohol thing.
He's an officer but yet, drink and 'possibly' drive. that just don't sound good to the ears.

Anyway, my condolence to Kwan and her family.


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you should really credit dirtii laundry.

i know cece, i was kind of like why would he drink during the day like that. plus i never recommend anyone to sleep in their car with all the windows shut tight especially on a hot day.

i hope kwan's family can get through this. may he rest in peace

off topic but kwan doesnt have her father's last name?


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^not to mention .. consume alcohol too ..
in hot summer day, i always attempt to have my window open a little for some cool air (dont' want to walk inside a stove/oven)

as for last name? i'm not sure --


My condolences goes to Kwan, her mother, and sister...=( It must be hard for her because i think she's still in the process of finishing up her filming for her new lakorn with Win. I don't know how often Kwan gets to see her father but from loads of her work and school im sure she doesn't get to see her father much. Makes it even more sad... :(

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Aww, :( my heart was hurting when I heard of this news. It's extremely sad.


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i feel so sad for kwan and her family.. they must be so sad right now.. even i feel sad.. T_T.. my condolences to the family.. i hope they'll overcome this .. stay strong!!!


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wen i read tis @ dirtii laundry i didn't catch the father part, just the kwan part and I was like wat Kwan passed on? thank goodness it wasn't...still sad tat it was her father too, but hopefullie he passed over peacefully


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The autopsy results indicate that Kwun's father had a heart attack. The alcohol found in his car was for his workers/employees whom he wanted to treat after they had worked for him.


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O no, so sad about her father.

What I don't get is why they said her father appeared intoxicated & then later confirmed it is a heart attack and the beer bottles were for workers. Cover up on Kwan's father's part or the shopkeeper is a big liar stirring up trouble. Anyways, I wish Kwan and her family will get through this smoothly. I know it was hard for them not to see him often because he had to work far from them.