Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

which couple do u like best?

  • Kwan and Win [phom ruk roy adeed]

    Votes: 27 79.4%
  • Pancake and Weir [khun noo tewada]

    Votes: 7 20.6%

  • Total voters


sarNie Hatchling
Most definately kwan and win....loving their lakorn...I've rewatched the first 4 episodes like 3 times already...I'm so in love....Love kwan and weir together though....I still love DDHT


sarNie Adult
I love Kwan and Win but I don't think they look good together ^^
Kwan looks better with Weir...
But Weir matches better with Pancake :p
So without hesitation : Weir & Pan :wub:


sarNie Oldmaid
Kwan and Win... I love Weir, but I'm not a fan of Pancake at all... I don't think Pancake matches with Weir at all.... He's too HOTT for her...
Kwan goes Great with both guys.... Sorry to offend Pancake fans out there... In the future I would love to see Kwan and Weir again and also Kwan and Win... OMG both guys are hott, i wouldn't mind them pairing with Kwan, I'd totally watch for all of them, but no Pancake.... I haven't watch a
Pancake lakorn at all.... besides I think Kwan's the Prettiest!


sarNie Egg
Weir and Pancake even though i don't like pancake that much doesn't mean we can't watch because of weir. Khun noo tewada is a really funny lakor

I like Kwan too I don't like win that much ( my opinion) . And the lakorn to me sound not to interesting(to me).


sarNie OldFart
Win and Kwan all the way. Bpom Ruk Rocks!

As for Weir and Pan, they're all over too much, I'm getting bored. Khun Noo Taewada is alright but after the second episode, it's starting to drag and become a bit nonsense to me.


sarNie Adult
wow alot of people like win and kwan better..thats good. haha. goo prra!! i love it! and them! =D i love kwan and weir also...their cute together. pancake...ughhh speechless. dont like her or think shes pretty at all! sorry pan fans!


sarNie Oldmaid
Kwan and Win. Win is actually cute in this lakorn. And Kwan and him are so cute together. In Pancake and Weir's lakorn there's no real love scenes because she thinks he's gay. All their feelings are hidden. Kwan's feelings and Win's feelings are definitely not hidden in Prom Ruk Roy Adeed :).
Kwan + Win all the way :wub:

Pancake + Vier is ok...but I stopped watching their lakorn when it got really draggy and made Suparb Buruth Satan air slower due to the fact that Pancake + Vier's lakorn adeed 3 episodes even though it had a lower rating than Kwan + Win and Noon + Poh's.


sarNie Hatchling
i like kwan and weir too!..but i guess imma go with kwan and win.since i dont think pancake is pretty at offense..i love weir though