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there are three lakorn that i been searching for but couldn't find it. so please help me out here. i really want a name and a link!!

okay the first lakorn: self to note this lakorn was a very old lakorn
there was this one lady in her early 20. she lived in the poor side something like that. her mother/aunt/grandmother told her not to hang out with this one boy or she was gonna get it. i guess she didn't listen and went with the guy. they both rented a room together and it was mostly her money spent on the room i believe. and there was a one night stand. she got pregnant and i guess the guy didn't want to take the responsibility of the child. she was near to her full term. she was either wearing red or white with poker-dot red. she walk pass by the old rental building and saw the guy who got her pregnant trying to get this one girl to live with him. the other girl deny because she saw main character girl fully pregnant and didn't want to be like her. i guess he move the other girl to the side and sneak to talk to main character girl on the side, telling her not to come back there i guess. i believe she decide to return back to her hometown. she took a train to get back. i guess it was late or just getting dark. she met this other couple on the train. i believe the lady was also pregnant too?? something happen, the nice lady let main character try on her ring. BAM!! the train got into an accident. the nice couple die. she end up in the hospital and she notice her stomach was flat and thought her baby die. the nurse came in and told her that her baby was alright. and her relative is coming to get her and calling her this one name. i guess they thought she was the nice lady. i guess the nice lady was never introduce to mister nice guy family before so they won't know that they got the wrong daughter in law. or i'm just messing this whole part up. she arrive to main character place, his twin is either the one who got her pregnant or mister nice guy who die with his wife. she went into the kitchen and decided to wash the dishes, servant was against with it. while they where talking whither she knows how to wash dishes or not, main girl told them she was done. she left the room, servant check the plate, clean. this one part main guy took main girl shopping, he notice she was writing a different name on the receipt, cause she used a credit card. when main guy notice and ask main girl she ask for a new receipt to write on. i believe he went and told his father. later on she ran away with her baby and the father came looking for her. she was at the train stration. he ask her why she was taking his grandchild away... and i dont remember the rest

lakorn 2 was about a mermaid!! a 2003 and up kind of lakorn or not!!
okay, i have no clue who main character guy is. it's between these two half brother. from the beginning, the older brother decided to take a trip near small island and he took a small rowing boat for fun while viewing the scene. his boat flip over. and main character came in and save the main his live. i don't remember if the older brother got a glimpse of main girl or not. but i don't think so. she took him on land and he somehow got back home. he ask his younger brother to look for the girl who save his life and he did. the younger brother is a photographer and has shoulder length hair. main girl or the younger brother met trouble and save one the other. i remember the younger brother was pass out. he woke up in a hut. met the girl "parents" and the girl. they were talking. the older brother want the younger brother to bring the girl who save his life to him. something happen. i guess he found out she was a mermaid. and how her parent found her. past: the old fisherman and along with the village was gonna go fishing but couldn't because of the storm. so they decide to delay the fishing. the next day every body was clearing up there boat and the old fisherman found a baby in his boat. he and his wife decided to keep it but and old shaman guy say it was bad luck and for them to throw it away, maybe back to the sea. the old couple decide not to and was kick out of that island and move to another new one. present: main girl and younger brother went back to mainland, Bangkok. i believe she became the newest hit model. she need water for her body and one day she need water after modeling. she went to this one water truck and took the guy water and started pouring the water on her., she got yell at. the older brother mom and the nang rai girl fed main girl sushi with out her knowing that and when she found out she puke it out. when she take her necklace off, she has her tail. at this one modeling shoot, the younger brother has to take her picture and the professional didn't like her necklace and the younger brother decided,to take it off. the main girl was wearing a long dress and the young brother did his best to cover it up. older brother is an ass! later main girl got kidnap by some gang people. gang leader took off her necklace he saw the tail fainted?? younger brother to the rescue. younger brother might be the main guy but i don't remember the older brother part with main girl. guess i didn't like him. and i dont know what happen in the end. plus i dont think the older brother know about her being a mermaid

lakorn 3. the servant girl a 2003 to 2005?? lakorn idk
in the past main guy parents and nang rai parent make an agreement to let there kid get marry. both the wife weren't too happy about the agreement. years past by the nang rai was being crazy, partying around and has a boyfriend who is cheating off of her. as for main guy he was happy about the whole thing also he want to get married for his pass dad. in this lakorn both father are dead!! only the nangrai dad die i believe main girl is just a servant at the house and has no blood connection to the nang rai family not that i know of because i dont understand thai. while both mom and daughter were away the main guy came to visit, he thought that main girl was the one he got engage to. he was head over heel over her, he thought she was prefect because he think that she was a normal girl who doesnt dress all fancy and she knows how to cook and clean. the nangrai doesnt want to get marry because she has a boyfriend, so the mother decided to use the main girl to get to the dowry. the mom and main girl went to his house he gave her these necklace, she cry because he was being nice to her and i guess she feel bad for cheating him. the mom told him that she's emotion i guess and she say she will talk with her "daughter". the mom told her to accept all the dowry because she wants it. on the wedding she wore a white wedding dress. as for the night to come she just ran into the bathroom. they slept on the same bed but main girl used this big long pillow to separate the middle. things happen with the nangrai and her boyfriend. she went to this one party and saw main guy, found him her type of guy. found out her servant marry him and now she's mad!! things happen, the truth came out that the servant is just a servant. wait did the father die?? nope, the father of main guy lived never mind!! the nang rai came to live in the household because she is suppose to be the wife. the night or day main guy found out, he went and go drunk. rape the main girl. and she started to be a servant / wife to the household. main guy also has a sister or niece who cant walk. the nangrai wanted to go to the store and took main girl along, told main girl to grab her something and as main girl went to grab something, the nangrai told the driver to go back home! leaving main girl and she got kidnap. the guy attempted to rape her, but didn't know who goes first, main girl ran off. she almost got hit by a car who was a doctor and close to main guy family. took her to the hospital, found out she was pregnant. the doctor went to the family guess the nangrai told a lie. the doctor didn't tell the family that the main girl was in the hospital. couple day, main guy cut himself at the construction place and was taken to the hospital. doctor guy make a slip and main guy took main girl some where. as driving, main girl decided she was gonna if off, open door main guy pull her hair. she was taken to the hospital. thing happen. she was kidnap by the nangrai people. nothing happen to her. police came. everything was solve, main girl decide to go her own way with her two friend. the friends own a farm field. couple month pass, her water broke at the farm. she gave birth. i dont know id she got to hold her kid or not. her baby got kidnap by this one lady. i know her but dont know her. she thinks he ex-husband took her kid. so she just gave birth and didn't get to rest long and she's out of the bed looking for her baby . she went to main guy house to look for the baby. something happen she fainted. he doesnt have the kid. i think the lady took the baby back. something happen the end.

yep this is it. long?? huh?? thanks for reading and i hope you know what i'm talking about. i hope you can three me the three lakorn name. thanks!!


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The second one is Khon Talay starring Patson and Louis Scott I dont know the girls name though.

The Third lakorn is Mea Jum Pen starring Bee Sawis and Namfon Kullanat.. this one is my favorite i still have a copy at home..

as for the first one.. i have no idea because I dont think i watched it cause it was soo old

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I believe the 3rd lakorn is Mere Jum Pen (well it's the same storyline as you written) Starring Bee Sawis and Namfon Kullanant.

Here's the link


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the first lakorn your talking about is "Khun Nai Som Lon" starring namfon & pol .. (one of my faves lol..)



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1st one is KHUN NAI SAILOM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCAzwozhUfk -- starring Pol Tanthasatien and NamfonKomolthiti
2nd one is KON TALAY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r24DOGgrbQ -- Starring Patson Sarindu and Louis Scott with this girl
3rd one is MIA JAM PIENG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WOVaSP2yZg-- Starring Bee Sawich and Namfon Kullanant