Koffee with Karan


sarNie Egg
omg i love this show aha...I use to watch it so muah aha!
I love it too!! It's like watching KKKG & Kuch kuch hota hai over and over again! hehe! Karan is really good at evoking candy sweet emotions!
I think i saw most of the shows but I've yet to see the one with ekta kapoor & the psychic for sure. anyone know where i can watch it? cuz youtube only has clips from the highlight show (season finale show)?


sarNie Egg
new season begin feb 11, can't wait for abhi to get on there again and get the highiest rating. last season abhi and z got the highiest rating up to date... go karan


sarNie Egg
I love this show. One of my favorite moments was one time when Hrithik and Priyanka were guests and Karan asked Priyanka if she thinks Hrithik is sexy. Her reply was, "When the camera is on--the way he moves, the way he dances, very sexy! But when the camera goes off... he's SUCH a NICE guy!!! I mean, come on, it's Duggu." (Duggu is his nickname) And Hrithik was so disappointed saying, "You have no idea how sexy I am!" Hahaha!!!