Kob Suvanant (PRAEW vol. 34 no. 796 October 2012)


sarNie Adult
NO WAY !!! I don't believe it. This photo looks nothing like her. I'm trying very hard to see "the Kob" but it's not happening. Are you guys sure ?? Is this really "the Kob" who married to Brook Danuporn Punnakun & have a daughter named Punnada ?? If it really is than i'm in shock.
AmaZing though.


sarNie Adult
right, that doesnt look too much like kob s. they must have put a lot of make up on her that we really cant tell? lips/mouth doesnt even look like her.


sarNie Adult
To me the eyes is a dead give away no matter the makeup and the shape of her face. But her lips. They are ugly in here. It seems...I don't know the right word but not attractive. I like the bang though.


sarNie Elites
It's called aging people, and being a mother.