Kob Suvanant Leaving The Industry!


sarNie Adult
oh man..nooo...she cant leave now..i still wanna see her staring a lakorn with Tik....she pretty much played with every leading actor out there in Thailand but except Tik..oh..and i wanna see her with Oil and Mos again!..please stay longer to fullfill our dream! lol
i don't want her to leave lakorn either, she's the first thai actress that make me watch thai lakorns. i still want her to act with chakrit again. she's still look pretty and does not age at all.


wow, she's been in the biz for a long time. if she did leave hope she'll come back.


sarNie Adult
OMG I'm shocked by this news! :lmao:
She was the first actress that I watched growing up.
I didn't think she would get tired of the industry...
i know i did too...she is the number one actress....i mean the oldes the i have seen going up...


sarNie Oldmaid
The media sure like to manipulate the headline, when you read the article she doesn't really just say straight out she was going to leave, she said there was a chance. And like all actor/actress out there, there comes a time where you have to take a break. Take Ann T. and Mew Lalita for instant. They sure came back after resting.

They keep asking Kob about the new generation of na'ek putting pressure on her. She said many times she work for her fans. The media continue to talk about competition, this is what causes feud between actors/actresses.

But whatever decision Kob makes, I'll support her. I personally don't think she'll leave for good.
Kob has no competition in Ch. 7. Ch. 7 right now don't have that many great lakorns :(. All the big names are Ch. 3. All the new actresses for ch. 7 don't look natural to me. They're all light skinned and are chinese-like.


hm. can she leave after she stars in a lakorn w/ tik j.? i've been waiting for the pair up for a long time.


sarNie Egg
I hope she doesn't leave the entertainment industry. She's one of the best actress out there in Thailand.