Kimberley Ann Voltemas


sarNie Juvenile
Kim said "Acting can be challenging, and there are some roles that I want to play but haven't had the chance to. I also haven't been in a movie."

So Kim really likes to been an actress. She wants to challenge some roles, but she has no chance to do it yet. She also wants to star in a movie. I hope her wishes can be realized, because that are also my wishes. Watching Kim's performance is a very happy thing , i love it. :icon12:


sarNie Tombstone
@koadadai i agreeeeeeeee

maybe if she was able to be free from ch3 she an have better opportuniyt to play the character she want , cause right now i'm in a big dislike to ch3 if it wasn't for kim i wouldn't care for their productions

but i will keep waiting and keep hoping one day i will see kim in a role where the story is all about her character no side character no consumed story and for the movie still waiting and hoping for an ananda/kim work


sarNie Tombstone
i feel attacked those eyes this stare good luck to any man who will have to look straight to them if i was mark i would be supperrr jealous of anyone that has to look at her in the eyes woooooooooooooooooow hot hoootttt just the eyes are enough