Khuu Khane Saen Ruk (Baan Lakorn)


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Khun Salak already confirmed it.

Credits: Ch7, Salak, LeeLungWit @ Pantip

Aum Patcharapa, Chakrit, Oun rangsit, Tuptim Anyarin, Gap, Kao, etc.


Koo Kean San Ruk... wowww.... Chakrit & Aum again >____< Can´t wait^^
Middle of the year is the first shooting^.^


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O wow! Finally, Chakrit and Aum! I'm exciting! Can't wait!


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oh! can't wait... thought them thro made Such a cute onscreen couple... good chemistry ...they reuniting after how may years?. "Yah can't wait!!!


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It's confirmed, but Kao said he doesn't even know what kind of role he has yet and he hasn't received the script.
He was talking about this on TVPool Live.


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From the title, it sounds like a comedy. =x

Then again, when ch7 made a decision to change Aum and Noon's lakorn to "Kularb Neua Mek", which sounds like a total drama, it ends up being a romantic comedy instead.

yigu loves krit

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gosh, dear kuda, I did not see your topic till now
so i opened the same topic several days before
sorry for that!
how to delete my topic? do you know?


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these two? i miss them so much. lol. love their chemistry in the previous lakorn. can't wait for this one.


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omg pete! lol. i miss him. its nice to see him back.

krit and aum is really happening. lol. hopefully the storyline is just as good or better than their first one. gosh i so want a melodrama!