Khun Nu Shantana (CH3+TV Scene)


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I just finished watching both teasers and i can't wait to watch this. Looks pretty funny and I love romantic comedies. Also i'm happy to see more of Tye.


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No uploads on the first episode yet?? OR YouTube???


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^hahaha. i thought of the same thing too when i watch the first episode. It's hard to picture DONUT in hi-so character b/c she have portray one too many poor girl and she does not carry that strong snubbing attitude like them bratty hiso girls. Funny things is that when she strip down to be a company worker, she actually look like one of them so i suppose, there's a reason why she's cast in this role b/c she can be the girl next door even though she's hiso. (don't get me wrong, i love donut -- just don't' see the look in her yet)


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^ I agree! Not a fan of his but he looks so much better with short hair! Glad to see donut acting again as a lead!

Thanks for sharing the pictures cherryapple!


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I was never really a fan of Donut nor Tye but I must say that I really am enjoying this lakorn even though it's cheesy. Donut really improved a lot and she's doing a great job act keeping this lakorn entertaining. I didn't realize how beautiful she is until this lakorn. She may not look great in photos but she is one of those n'ang ek that really shine in person or in movies.


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^I second that moonshine. And the lakorn has picked up a lot since she left her house - her character is so funny. I was cracking up when she was singing, 'chicken is burning' and that 'snake' song while Tye was dancing along.


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does anyone know who's uploading this lakorn on YT...I know RTeamForum is uploading it but stopped for some reason...anyone know?