Khun Nu Shantana (CH3+TV Scene)


sarNie Elites
awww im so happy that donuts finally doing a n'ek role! bout time!! she been n'rai and surporting actress far tooo long...! hehee im khappy can't wait to see! i hope it's not a disapointing lakonr.


sarNie Adult
I'd like to see that too. The closest to that ever happening was Donut's lakorn with Nott and Yardthip. He was casted as the doctor and I believe Donut's character had a crush on him!

But anyways, I can't wait! Wish there was more news on this lakorn.
Rome was so stiff in this one but he was still cute...


sarNie Egg
can someone post the summery of this lakorn. can't wait for this


RujRasa Fan
definitely going to watch this lakorn. yay, tye and donut.


sarNie Egg
Wow looks funny. Seriously the guys are all dressed weird lol.
Hmm want to watch this but I doubt anyone's gonna sub this, esp with it being an evening lakorn. Well i can always watch without understanding :D