Khun Noo Tevada


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It is confirm by P'Ae, Vier's manager that they will do a lakorn together. It will start filming after New Years and it was said to air after Nang Tard

Pan will be playing the Khun Noo who is spoil, rich, and stubborn again. Vier will play a photographer name Dan who is totally opposite of Alice (pan)


I'll translate it when I have time.

they didnt mention the production ...



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Wah... When I read Khun Noo Taewada, I thought it would be a cute lakorn :( I'll try and tune in for this one though.


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Wow. Kristy I've seen you in alot of ch7 lakorn thread now.
Thanks Thip. I can't wait for this. But its airing so soon though since its gonn air after Nang Tard.
Anyways I can't wait for this. I miss them together. But gosh Pan is gonna be a brat again >.<


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its airing very soon...dang thats fast..thats like what two weeks until nang tard ends or something?? wait, have they even filmed yet??? huh???


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Its not for sure that it gonna air after Nang Tard...
but heres a lil summary from the original novel I suppose...I read that they are still changing the script around
My translation isnt as accurate but I got the gist of it.Credits P'

So Dan opens up a party to show his photos at a hotel and he invited his girlfriend, Siwaporn, family to the party too. Dan has a friend who is gay and is in love with Siwaporn's brother...but the fact that siwaporn's parents doesnt know that their own son is gay so Dan's friend asked Dan to become his boyfriend. Alice and Barnark was also their at the party and she saw Dan and his friend being a gay couple so she thought he is gay...then later on Dan becomes Alice teacher because she wanted to become a photographer so he teaches her. Since Alice thought that Dan is gay so she starts to tease and mess with him so coincidently his girlfriend came and saw and thought that Dan and Alice had something.
Sakol (Dan's friend) and Alice became close so he asked Dan to ask Alice to come live in the house wth them. Problems start to happen because Alice try to cook for Dan and she almost burnt the house and when they went to the store, she broke the antique display because she thought they were fake and made Dan paid for it. She also kept girls away from dan for sakol (since her and him became friends) especially siwaporn who is actually dan's gf from him b/c she still thinks dan is gay. dan and sakol tried to tell alice that they arent gay but she wouldnt listen.

alice didnt just drove dan crazy but she also did a good thing for dan also. she brought dan and his father close together again. the truth is dan is also rich who owns a jewelry company just like alice. but dan is mad at his dad b/c he thinks its his dad fault that his mom drove out the house and got into a car accident and she passed away.....

more coming


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i let my mom translate the title of the lakorn

Khun Noo Taewada

and she was like

"Daughter of the Gods" or something like that and i was like wtf ???

daughter of the gods??? huhh???


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so his dad remarried and his new wife have two kids so dan left the house since he was 20 and used the money that his mom left for him. he finish school and became a professional photographer.
dan also changed alice personality from being a spoil brat to of a more common person like eating at a regular restaurant and taught her to be less stubborn.

okay this is another plot from the novel...

it said that the country that alice was born in had a war going on and she doesnt know that her dad is captured and the bad guys are after alice. so dan is always there to protect her. there will be arguing with each other, sometimes when they get along and dan does something that alice is happy about, she hugs him and kisses him on the cheek because she thinks that dan is like her sister. sometimes dan would cook for her too because sometimes they are the only one in the house b/c sakol is filming his lakorn. dan and alice start to like each other without knowing it. he thinks that he cant love her because he already has someone and she already has a fiancee. as for her, she thinks hes gay still and also, one of dan's half brother likes her also. so dan becomes protective and doesnt accept that this kind of reaction is called jealousy, even sakol told him that its called jealousy, he still doesnt believe it.

somehow alice now believes that sakol and dan are best friends and not gay. sakol is actually boyfriend to chapol (siwaporn's brother). chapol is also finding a way to get married to dan's half sister to cover up his image of being gay. and he is alo using dan's dad money too. so sakol told dan's sister that he is boyfriend with chapol. siwaporn left dan to marry some rich guy to pay back the debt they owe, but she is still protective of dan...dunno why.

finally dan and alice admit that they love each other. dan finally admitted he love her. it was during the time when alice was being chase by the bad guys and dan was so worried about her that he wants her to send her back b/c he thinks he wont be able to protect her. so he called her fiancee to come get her. thats when he found out about her country Anasia, being in war and barnark asked if alice could stay there with dan for awhile....alice came and overheard the conversation that dan wants her to go back so she was sad and went to go pack her belongings....

more to come....


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The story sounds cute+funny. yes! more of Weir's la korns but i wish nang aek was Pinky though B) don't want him to play with Pancake anymore, it's like they are seeing eachother already,don't need to show that they like eachother in la korns too. too much news with them being close already ,don't want to see them being sweet in the la korn too. and it's boring no excitement because they play two la korns together already. i'm happy & sad at the same time about this news. happy to see more of Weir's la korn but sad nang aek is Pancake. :( well they won't film till next year right? well hope something changes and they get a new nang aek. :lol: you never know things can change all the time. that's not fair Pancake has 2 la korns already. but Pinky has only one. so unfair ch7 should give Pinky more la korns. <_<


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sounds good the lakorn. but WTH the title?!!
anyways thanks thip. the summary is to long though.


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this is what alice is thinking...

I'm confuse. I want to go back home, I miss my dad. But I will be missing dan too. dan who do you really love, siwaporn or me?...I never love anyone like him. eventhough I'm engaged to Barnark, but I dont love him. I love this Thai guy, dan, the thai guy that has someone else in his heart. should i go back or not. he is chasing me away. I'll go back home, I'm going to make him feel that he cant live with out me and he's going to be missing me.....

dan came and "ngor" and alice was happy for awhile but when she found out about her country, now she really wants to go back b/c she is worried about her dad. dan then finally said the word, eventhough hes not suppose to in the time like this: I wont let you go, Im worried about you, I love you.

"I'm not suppose to, you're my student, I tried to stop feelings from loving you more, but it didnt work. I even told myself that I have siwaporn already but it's not that. She and I don't understand each other more and more. I've been lying to myself and you also have a fiancee. Barnark trust me because he thinks I'm in love with sakol. thats why he let you stay with me. I betrayed him and now I am in love with you. so then they both finally understood each other.

dan entered a competition and he won and his family came to congrats him. alice now knows how to take professioanl photographs, she entered a competition to get money. the war happening at her country isnt finish yet though. her dad was released to come and congragulate her too. Barnark congrats alice an ddan for their love b/c he finally knows that they both love each other.

the end.

p'oil said she doesnt know if the lakorn will be the same as the novel
i think pan plays a princess or something in here...seems like it though

theres also a scene where he takes her to the beach to celebrate her birthday.
this novel story actually sounds interesting.


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no, i think its start to film after new years...i think they meant thai new year...songkran..thats what they said...but who knows....
im not even sure if both of them are in here but thats what they said (p'Ae).


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it just said that she wealthy because her family owns a jewlery company...something like that.

oh never mind, i went back and read it and it said that she owns a gold her supposedly alice is not thai but from another country called anasia?...weird name...


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i'm kind of get tire of pancake's role...she always get the same and etc...but anyway, i'm exciting to know that vier is having a new him....