Khun Nai Som Lon


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this was one of the first two part series that i actually watched and enjoy for a thai serie.....and i liked Pol in this series..........
thanks for sharing..^^


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danny said:
this was one of the first two part series that i actually watched and enjoy for a thai serie.....and i liked Pol in this series..........
thanks for sharing..^^
that's wat my sister said too cause she isn't a great fan of lakorns...but she did say the first thai lakorn she enjoyed and will re- watch!!


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kaivanne said:
isnt in khmer or thai????????
the one in BM is thai...

i don't understand thai and i still watch it in BM if im right the names are Silvilai and P'Chai? rite? :unsure: wat are th other names??


I was actually wondering.. how many episodes are there to this lakorn?well please let me know.. i know there's not many parts.. but yea.. thanks for the movie!!


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Oh MY GOSH.......!!!!!!!!.......I was looking for this moive for a long has been soooo long since I seen this moive........I have been asking everywhere to download or buy this I finally found it. Thank you very much for the person who upload it....Many Thanks....!! <_< !!!


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
wow! she got married to some white dude?? hehe...well she acted with johnny in that one other lakorn where you have the "R" clip...and she a model maybe that's why she not much in lakorn...

Oh she's na'ek from Nangfah Gob Satan with Johnny Enfone. Then she's Kamonchanoke's sister (na'ek from Reun Ram with Willy). Im not sure what is Kamonchanoke's nickname, don't think it's Kwan...? Wow, i've never seen this lakorn, sounds good by the summary.


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i think kwan is the oldest ! I like Numfon more though i guess cuz she was in NUNG FA KUB SATAN :wub: . I think i only saw 3 of her lakorn . I still remeber her lakorn wiht TANG ... the one she have a TWIN but it was tooo draggy and too long
Hi, I'm Numfone Komolthiti. I just read some of your comments. Thank you very much. I'm very very glad that some people still rememberme and like my work. I live in London now, married almost 2 years ago.


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Really Numform marry, wow congra her. I like most of her lakorn, haven't see her for a long time. By the way, this movie was very good.
Wow, thank you very much for saying nice thing about my work. I really miss doing acting but it's too bad that I'm living in London now and can't do it.


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I have this one in hmong dubbed. I love them two in this movie so much. I hope they would have more lakorns together but sad that she's no longer in thailand and we wouldn't be seeing her in lakorns anymore. I watch this one over and over again and I'm not tire of it. I tried to look for it in thai and get the original copy but I couldn't find it anywhere but am glad that i have this hmong dubbed version. I like it so much.


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Omggg! This lakorn I remember I lovedddd it so much. I've been trying to find the thai title and nang'eks name. Finally!


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i have seen this movie before and i actually really like it. My cousin have the movie but it's translate in Hmong i understand what's going on
and surpress that the whole time she been telling the her side of the story to everyone and the police there...
and thats not the only kool thing, and i think there's another movie that goes almost like this Thai lakorn, too.
But this one i saw is called "Magic Ring" and it's a Taiwaness Movie. i haven't finish the movie yet. i still remember how
Thai version go like and the "Magic Ring" went exactly the same way, but one little different is that the Na'ek was
pregnant by her BOYFRIEND not her FRIEND. i was surpress about it when i first saw Magic Ring and was thinking " i have seen
a movie like this before..i know i have seen it..." and i did...i told my sister about and we was like.."gosh i miss that movie..."


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is this lakorn still in BM? how come i can't find it!?!
gosh i really want to see it!? does it have english
subtitle also?? some please tell me!?!