Khmer star pixs


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thanks for sharing these awesome pics. Khmer mags are getting better. I love the dresses and accessories. :p


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Sovannareachz DVD collz..

Luna Cover

more commin soon..


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Great job LuVnIdA! the original picture with Sovanreach looks plain, but you sure made it better.


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[credits to spkplus]



nicko (nop bayarith's brother)

chorn chan leakhena

keo pich pisey

chorn chan leakhena and keo pich pisey

i thought i should add a star from the 60s:
virak dara (nathalie)


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Why are so many of them wearing colored contacts?
The with the fan is really pretty, she has very good bone structure.


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I love Sovanna Reach!

But that's what I wondered too? Why so much coloredd contacts of blue and hazel?? Their brown eyes are already beautiful.


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yeah really what's with the color contact lens....I thought I am seeing thing or my eyes is getting bad for looking at the computer too much, and their hair change color too I thing black hair or chocolate brown is beautiful when they change eyes color and hair color man it so wrong....


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Wow! Those are some very nice pictures! The photo shoots and poses are getting sooo much better now. I absolutely love the one with Chon Chan Lekhena in the long blue it girl, do your thang! lol... and that Justin guy is really nice looking, too. Who is he, btw? And also the others below his pictures...they don't look khmer at all, they sorta have the Japanese/ Korean image thing going on.

Thanks for sharing!
wow! i'm impressed at how cambodians have improved in the departments of styling, makeup, costume, and most of all -- photography and photoshoots! they have improved dramatically! the photoshoots are very artistic now, nearly rivaling other countries'! in the future, it'll definitely be a match for others...:) i especially love the photoshoots of jon jun leakhana and keo pich pesey and the last few (i.e. the audrey hepburn one...the sugar sugar and showgirl one, etc.)...


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wow! they improved so much.. im so happy.. so when i go to srok khmer next year.. it wont that plain.. lol..