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Discussion in 'Khmer' started by khm3rAng3L, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. khm3rAng3L

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    Hi, I was wondering does anyone know where I can purchase khmer traditional dress online. I can't seem to find one any where I stay in VA and it is so hard to find one so if any one know of a website or someone selling cambodian clothes. I need one for an engagement ceremony. please let me know. thanks.
  2. Khatiya

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    It will be tough to find it online as most seller have very low stock on the dresses or they are one of a kind that it's not worth it to go through the work of putting it online and just to pull it out because it's out of stock the next couple of days.

    I know there are several shops in Stockton, CA that carry those dress. I used to buy many of them for a friend who lives in Georgia. It's also hard to describe the style, well unless you take a pix and send it and then wait for response. But like I said, I bought lots of them for my friend and her sister. It didn't fit perfectly but they were able to have someone do some alterations to it.
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    I've been looking for those dress but I don't know where they sell them at. I've heard it's in Stockton too but I don't know where I could find the stores that actually sells those dress. I need to buy one for a wedding. Since you used to buy them from stockton, please tell me where you bought it and so, I could buy one for myself too. If you can, please give me the store address. If you don't know, please give me their phone number so I could call them for directions. PLEASE reply. thank you.
  4. yak

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    I know where you can really find them... At Long Beach... They have a place called, "Khmer Town." And thats where all the khmer stuff and everything you can say about khmer have... So thats the only place... But I'm not really sure where in Long Beach.. But I try to find info..
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    i have a friend who own a store that sell khmer traditional dress and other khmer clothes.... his mom also do alternation...and customize it too..his store is in stockton.. and i don't know how much is it... if you want more info i can send you his store info to your e mail.. right now i don't have the info with me...
  6. ashley408

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    Ooop i forgot to give you my e mail address.. here.. [email protected]
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    Hi Ashley, I was just browsing around and so happened to come upon this post. I'm from North Carolina and just recently got engaged myself and I'm looking to find a few traditional outfits for my wedding. I'm from a very small town where everyone goes to the same ladies to rent the same dresses over and over again! Not to mention none of the ladies seem to have the style/colors that I want. I was wondering if you could help me out by telling me a few places that I can go to in California- actual shop names and etc. I'm willing to fly out there to get my dress made! You can call me desperate! I really am! Please email be back at [email protected] with any info you could provide! Thanks!
  8. Merit

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    There's a store in NJ that sells Khmer clothes too. They run about $100 or so. I am not from there but a friend of mine says it's nice. So, I am taking her word for it. I wanted some outfits too but I am so picky that it's impossible for my friend to get it for me. And I don't feel like wasting hundreds of dollars for something I don't like.

    I would like to know where in long beach as well. I am going to cali soon and would like to stop by there to see if I can buy some khmer clothes. They are so cute.

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