Khing Gor Rah Khar Gor Rang


sarNie Adult
Heys, i was wondering if someone euld be able to give me a summary of this lakorn, i heard that it was good and wanted to know what it was about before i watched it.. thanks ^_^
omg... this is a REALLY good have to watch it! :) well, basically, kwan is a news reporter and oil is a wealthy business man. kwan lives with her older sister (their parents died when they were young) and oil lives with his dad, since his mom is sort of crazy (she hates his dad, since his dad was a player and had lots of mistresses when they were younger) and lives in a mental institute. it starts off with kwan wrongly reporting that oil's dad died in a car accident, so oil is furious at her and gets her fired...that's how they start hating each other. kwan goes to report at the mental institution (she's a news reporter) and ends up talking to oil's mom, who really likes kwan and wants kwan to be her daughter-in-law, since she hates oil's rich girlfriend. kwan's sister is having an affair with oil's girlfriend's dad (and later gets pregnant too), so oil's girlfriend and her mom hate kwan's family. oil's mom tells him and his dad that she'll only go home if oil marries kwan. when oil's girlfriend finds this out, she really hates kwan. oil also mistakens that kwan is having an affair with his girlfriend's dad, so he really dislikes her too. anyway, they do get married and oil R's her, so kwan gets pregnant, but they still constantly fight (it's so cute!). they also have a lot of sweet scenes too. overall, this is a comedy with an extremely good won't regret watching it! :D