Kha Khong Khon [Exact & channel 7]


I hate Jane! I forgot to mention she's so dumb for laughing when Markie died :(

Luck did do all those things Nong Alicia, I agree with you hehe. Although you side more with Luck, I side more with Gluay xD He should have kept his promises though. I side with Gluay because Luck seemed like he lied to her -- from Gluay's point of view. He told Gluay that he promised to be truthful to her in everything when they had their willing. Luck broke his promise when he didn't tell Gluay about Jane or when Jane came to the house to throw Markie a birthday party. He also went around telling everyone about how they slept together and made Gluay look easy. I think that made Gluay feel like she shouldn't try anymore. She sacrificed herself..Bah Kien telling her Luck is bad, and in the end she disappointed herself since the things people told her seem to be true. I guess Gluay didn't choose to stop the ultimatum because she felt like she really wanted to divorce Luck after she misunderstood Luck & Jane situation. I feel like Gluay didn't give him time to explain himself and Luck never gives Gluay any time to explain herself, then chaos erupts. I'm actually in the end, more for both side. I understand what's up because of the stupid J's. Lol but I love Gluay & Luck <3


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You know what I always find funny about Thai Lakorns when the nang'ek is pregnant. They have no symptoms prior to finding out, but once they find out they start having symptoms like throwing up and etc :lol:


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You know what I always find funny about Thai Lakorns when the nang'ek is pregnant. They have no symptoms prior to finding out, but once they find out they start having symptoms like throwing up and etc :lol:
I think in the lakorn Noon did with Paul. She kept throwing up and didn't even know she was pregnant--although Paul eventually found out and never told her...


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I agree with you cause now I can see where you are coming from. Given that Klauy is being mislead by all the wrong information and then Luk acting out on it in the wrong way. I was looking it from a viewer's view since we got to see both side. LoL. But I still feel back for Luk =(

Can't wait until next week.

And Margy is super cute in this lakorn.


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Episode 15 was a disappointment for me T-T. I can't stand with the scriptwriter that let Margie died. Jen looked like a crazy clown, I can't believe a man like Luck would have a relationship with her before. How ridiculous!
I feel sorry for both Luck and Gluay. Luck liked speaking harsh words when he got angry while Gluay always tended to keep silence. Then more and more misunderstandings occured and it's hard for them to fix up. What's more, double Js always have so much energy to destroy Luck&Gluay's happiness. Poor Luck&Gluay!!!
Gosh, it's hard for me to watch following episodes. I feel this lakorn got a little dragging, I hope they won't extend it and give Luck&Gluay more sweet scenes.


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After watching this weekend's episodes, i feel so down and lifeless. Is anyone feeling the same way? I'm so sad for the loss of Margie and the downfall of Luck and Kluay's relationship. Did we ever get a clue for the number of episodes in this version? I don't know how the original went, but i'm guessing that Kluay and Luck will stray even further apart after she tells him that the baby isn't his. He will be in depressed mode, which means that i will be in depressed mode too. Ahhhhhhhhh. :cry1:

But... if they show a shirtless Pong scene, i promise i will not pout.


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I can't wait to see Luck and Kluay together soon, again--here's to hoping.. DISLIKE the Triple Js A LOT!!


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I don"t wanna watch the latest episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry1: :cry1: . I'm already in a stressful mood, i don't wanna be adding to that. I'll satisfy myself by just looking at the sweet pictures of kluay and luck at the hospital.... :wub: :wub: ...i bet this is after he found out she is pregnant or she has given birth to the baby. i ilke in the scenario on how the baby was conceived; she/he is born out of her/his parents love, and not rape which happens a lot in lakorns :no:


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I am really annoyed w/the double J's!! I hate both Oh & Ice's characters!! And also, both Luck & Gluay are so stubborn w/each other! :eyetwitch:


At least Markie can be really Luck & Gluay's kid, but she's so cuteee why :(
I guess Gluay can really call Markie her own. I hope they don't change Markie to a boy..they should just keep her xD


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Kluay annoyed the hell out of me these last few episodes. She didn't even have a reaction to the news that Markie had cancer and was dying. Instead she started lecturing Luck. I was like shut up woman a kid is dying, save your self-righteous lectures for later. And Jed with his ultimatums, Kluay should've set him straight instead of leading him on.

She let Jed hang around Luck when his kid is dying. Like he doesn't have enough to deal with? Instead of being
able to focus on his sick kid in peace he has to deal with your drama and your annoying boyfriend too? What a selfish inconsiderate you know what. No matter how wrong Luck was in the past the very least he deserves is not to have the man he hates around him when he's trying to cope with a dying kid.


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thank a lot :thumbsup:
No problem!! I think she has two upcoming lakorns(?) with 1) Num & Vicky and 2) Chompoo Araya. I saw a bunch of her pictures with 'em; They really dote on her, she always is being hugged or gets kissed. :kiss:

It looks like this weekend will be ending, I hope so even I want it more but don't let it drag any further. :yes:


I hope to see her in more lakorns and I bet one day, she'll be n'eke. Hehe

I think Gluay let Jed around a dying kid is because she want Markie to have fun in her dying days. I found it cute when they were playing and she let Markie & Jed put their differences aside. I mean look at Jane who laughed at Markie...and then theres Jed who wanted to play with Markie so she could be happy. But yeah it seemed like Gluay didn't care about Markie but I guess she was so caught up in her problems with her brother and her baby in her stomache. Plus she tried but Luck told her to go home. SO sad, I still wish Gluay and Luck was there for Markie in her dying days..not Nattha


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aww epi 13 made me cry so much. its to sad for margie... i cried through
out the epi. :tearybye: :tearybye: :tearybye:


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reading what happens in 14 and 15 makes me so sad and mad and frustrated already! ugh, don't know if i can bear to watch the craziness! i hate when pra'nang reach this immobile state where they're just stubborn and mad and stubborn and unable to communicate right! it just makes me so miserable!
and Margy!!! why oh why!?


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I just watched the subbed episodes of 13 and 14 from heart is completely broken! I feel so sad, Luck and Kluay's relationship is pretty much torn at this point..stupid Jedsada and Jenjira--hate these two idiots! It was painful to watch :-( Also, so sad for little Margy...