Kev Hlub Txiav Tsis Tau

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    COVER_GIRL sarNie Hatchling

    hey I was seeing if anyone knew a VERY old Thai movie... and I SWEAR EVERY HMONG person HAS to have seen it at least once in their life time! It's like the MOST famous old thai/hmong movie dubbed into hmong. The Hmong title called, Kev Hlub Txiav Tsis Tau.

    The charactors are LEE CHANG and MAXI or Mai Ci/See (in hmong)... then theres the funny friend named Lee Pov...and a really cute little boy named Lee Ting (light bulb)..... Lee CHAng plays a hmong guy and Maxi is a thai girl and they get married...... and so on.... The hmong songs in it are SUPER FAMOUS! I SWEAR if you hear it you'll know it's from this movie!

    but CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND THE REAL title and/or the charactor's names in real life... because it's been my families FAV. movie to watch.. and i thought that it would be GREAT to get the orginal!


    Here's a little preview of the movie:
  2. xxmiss_maixx

    xxmiss_maixx sarNie Adult

    i remember lee cheng and mai xi but i cant remember actual details of the movie
  3. yajvaj

    yajvaj sarNie Adult

    YEA! i remeber this movie! i used to love it! it's a good one but sad also!
  4. nancyvang

    nancyvang sarNie Adult

    There's a topic about this already. I believe Calla can help you guys out.

    COVER_GIRL sarNie Hatchling

    i check Calla thread and i don't think that the thread is sopost to be about LEE CHANG and MAXI . Because Calla thread started off with the movie "Yug Los Ua Hmoob" and then they just stared to talk about LEE CHANG and MAXI movie. Maybe is because both of the movie character dress like Hmong. I dunno...
  6. daisy_changstah

    daisy_changstah sarNie Egg

    I wonder if there even exist a hmong who had not seen this...
    I mean, EVERY hmong kid i know, know this movie!
    It's like a hmong (dubbed) classic or something!!! :D
  7. if-only

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    hahahaha soo true!! Lee Chang's little brother is so cute and Lee Pov's song was just funny! :lmao: something me and my sister would sinng his song. hahaha anyways i wanna watch the original one too. but i dunno who they are. hehehehe but it's dubbed by ST. Universal Studio and they were selling it at the grad opening of a store in fresno the other day. hehehe
  8. Chewy

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    i hope this help....i know that the p'ek is the guy that own PJJ **THai lakorn** i don't know his name......
  9. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    ^^ me too!!! i don't know where to get it though!! my cousins seen the original one. they said they do speak hmong a little.
  10. anjos

    anjos Guest

    that would be soooo kool..... I want to seee the origianl one tooo.... I love this movies..... I guesss this is one of the best hmong translate movies that I like the most.... but anyway..... love the little brother..... he is soooo cute and very fuuny also..... I love it when he put the pad to cover his mouth and said "when I'm grew up I want to be a docter" it sooo cute..... and funny.....
  11. rukD2B

    rukD2B Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong

    awww...who can ever forget this movie..i can still remember when i was about four..and me and my sis picked it up and showed it to my dad and said.."Daddy will you buy this one? i like it!" and my dad bought it for adorable...i loved the movie...nowadays..we talk about it alot! like when i cook for my family..and i accidentally burn it at mom goes "youre being mai xi...burning your eggs..." back lots of memories..haha..i'm amazed she's still actin though..whew! she looks totally different now...but if you look at her closely...its her...
  12. nanthao

    nanthao sarNie Hatchling

    lolz....yea...every hmong kid probably seen it!...i wonder where my copy of it is at....the pre'ek is At' Tou owner of PJJ and the neg'ek is Yawarad....she still of the lastest larkon is in Araya and Ou's lakorn, she was Araya's for Lee whole family this its....that's one guy who really old, he's bald.....darn it...can't think of his name...let me parents always told me one of my relative have the thai version but they broke it so i never got the chance to see that thai version too....
  13. calla

    calla sarNie Adult

    i did created a topic of this movie once......lolz, but i can't find it.
    so anyways......i order mine from ethaicd. but i don't know why its not there anymore. to tell the truth that the thai version got cut some of the scenes.

    why don't you guys try to make request from ethaicd. the thai tittle called "Tai Fah See Klang" Starring : Naowarat and Nappon.

    lolz, yes....lis pov can speak hmonf just a little.....all i heard was like "kuv nyiam koj" lolz...... :loool:
  14. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    i luv thix movie..lotz...anibody had it tew d/l???
  15. Freakenbeliever

    Freakenbeliever sarNie Egg

    I was youtubing it and came across a title...maybe this is the original...the title was Tai Fah See Karm...they have all the parts uploaded and the hmong version on youtube!
  16. population1

    population1 sarNie Egg

    to the op, I just ran into it in yt about a few months ago by chance. I did hear about the other girl character in there, mai ker, who idk if she is a lao girl or hmong girl. it was one of those (historical) landmark-like films with a touch of odyssey. I may have seen it many years ago also, if it's considerably a classic. nonetheless, a pivotal film entailing the morality of componential love.
  17. p. Zoua

    p. Zoua sarNie Oldmaid

  18. mia07

    mia07 Introvert

    I think the girl that played Mai Ker is Thai. Her name is Duangcheewan Komolsen. She's quite attractive. She has done many movies. She starred in a couple old boran films such as Ka Key, Nang Sib Song, and Kraithong.
  19. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    i used to love this movie, but now i'm like watever, this movie is so boring and i so hate the hmong version of this, it is so stupid, not the hmong dubbed one, but the actual hmong one where the pra'ek is called lee hem instead of lee ceeb.

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