Ken P...real talent or Raeng Ngao


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Ken p got popular because of talent or because Raeng Ngao fever? Need your opinion. No fighting.

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To be fair and as a Ken anti previously, he wasn't bad in Rang Ngao. It wasn't anything that could blow people away but it was enough to watch without cringing like his acting in Sam Num. To see both sides of the argument, you could say his popularity could be from both reason.


I think he was popular before, but just not as popular as the 4 hua jai boys. Rang Ngao did boost him up. But i think his looks also helped.


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for the bits that i've seen of ken from 3NNT and raeng ngao, he have just as much "talent" as some other "hot" stars at the moment. it helps that he has good looks. i actually felt sad for him being the black sheep int the 4+1 crew, and i suppose it's due time for ken to get a popularity boost. 


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To me Ken P got da look and his acting is slowing gaining each time we see him (so far) 3NNT help him gain some attraction and RN 2012 got him snatch some award...i mean it both of his talent and his look tat got him this far! There no right or wrong but tat wat i got to say :)


I agree with teasingonly on this too. Ken is just as good as any other star that is considered Hot/great.


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My honest opinion is, he was popular before only because of all the heavy promotion he got by being a part of 4+1. He's more popular now because one, Rang Ngao is a well loved lakorn from the previous version so with all the hype and fever for this new version, Ken highly benefits from it. Two, because viewers now a days are very shallow where they care more about appearance and less about acting so Ken also got another lucky shot. There's many examples already where it was the fans who created hype and fame for their daras and Ken is one of them. To be fair, he did somewhat improve in RN but his acting abilities alone is not worth the amount of attention that he gets today. If his lakorns were promoted regularly, I doubt he would even be here today.


Lol. Interesting debate/topic.  I did not really watch or finish Raeng Ngao so I really don't know how much "improvement" Ken showed.  But the lakorn itself was pretty amazing because of Tanya and Janie so being "pra'ek" Ken was pre-recognized as talented. lol :p
I honestly don't dig Ken but I don't have anything against him either.  I'm more neutral with him like I don't watch or pay much attention to him/his lakorn. He's just not really interesting to me.  :scratchhead2:


For a newbie, I think Ken is good. His acting isn't that bad. There are some old generation actors who aren't even as good as Ken P. Just saying.


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to be fair, every actor(ess) has their "it" lakorn regardless level talents. some are just luckier than others despite acting capability.


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pwahahaha, I love this topic and its title. I've been wondering the same thing for a while.
First of all, I dig Ken P. He's likeable and good looking; he's definitely not as good of an actor as say, Ken T or Nadech if you want someone in the same generation, but he's also not as bad as other newbies were (I'm thinking of when Son Yuke first started--stiff as heck!).
I think he improved very slightly since RN. But personally most of the hype is due to RN being an intense and popular lakorn.
Regardless, I hope he keeps working hard and improving.