Ken & Anne @ an event


sarNie Coma
*sigh* i wish Ken was in "jum leuy ruk" well hopefully him and Ann will be working together again this year like what Ken said..

thanx to eayjang



sarNie Egg
thanks for sharing the pictures... Ken SOOO adorable in Yelloww..... Ann is always and forever pretty.


sarNie Adult
heheh..Anne is so pretty..i love yellow...Anne and ken look like husband and wife..ehehe j/k


sarNie Egg
still really really waiting 4 their next cooperation...
maybe next yr...
anyway...i hope


sarNie Adult

i've seen chain of love and sawan bieng and i became a fan of their love team. right now, i'm watching rang ngao even though there's no eng sub and i don't understand them. lol!
i heard they'll have another lakorn together called "365 days of love" could somebody give me details about this???


sarNie Egg
Hi i'm nana i'm a fan of Ken-Ann.
If you are a fan of them plz like this and them we can discuss ab them
this link :