Ken and Noi?


Expired Sarnie
noi 37
ken 30
they togetther 7 - 1/2years
That is officially the correct answer, right. Okay, I think I will stick to that too. Wow, what a shocker, Ken was 23 when he went out with Noi at the time she was 30. LOL.

If age was not a matter what about 15 years old and 25 years old. Now that brings another issue. How sad, a 14 year old girl dated a 18 year old guy when he turned 21, she was 17 her parent sued the guy.


Mama Noy ♥️

i iffing love this couple. :wub: i love how they're all shy around one another... aweee.... noi found herself a keeper! [i'm so jealous..]