[KBS2] Descendants of the Sun (DotS) (2016)

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  1. cecilia

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    They belong to each other's other world and each other's heart. They look so happy, sweet, and warm on these photos. I also saw a vide of him comforting/rubbing her hands at the alter ... Oh! What a wonderful man. I want my future husband to be this kind and comforting too <3

    I'm sad that he's married and can't really go all gaga over him now but happy for him that he will have someone who loves him for him to be forever with.
  2. Ms.Zoe

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    Yup I saw that video too. He also wiped her happy tears or put a strand of her hair off her face...either action is very sweet of him lol. I got emotional too, SHK is like an older sis to me, I am happy for her knowing that she will have SJK to share her life with, couldn't ask for anyone else besides SJK for her.

    I love how tight they hold each other's hand & SJK leading the way



    Big Boss & Beauty didn't have a wedding but Song Song did - Happy Mr. Song & Mrs. Song


    They sure look alike


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    She's so funny at throwing her bouquet lol -- he's so cute laughing at her failed attempt lol
  4. Ms.Zoe

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    I saw that video too. I think she was successful on her fifth throw. That poor bouquet lol. I think it was too light therefore she was having a hard time. I think they went to Spain for their honeymoon.
  5. Ms.Zoe

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    Photographed by Mr. Song of Mrs. Song in a Spanish restaurant in Spain I believe :p.


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    Cute mini Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo

    The boy & SJK look a lot alike than the girl & SHK

    Screenshot_2017-12-22-19-48-19-1.png Screenshot_2017-12-22-19-47-33-1.png Screenshot_2017-12-22-19-47-41-1.png

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    I could never forget March 23rd :D, the day episode 9 first aired 2 years ago...I love this date & ep 9...so many good scenes of Big Boss & Beauty...their sweet kisses:icon12:...funny scene of Beauty's recorded confession :D.


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