Kasa Naka


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^that's the new guy (credit to interlove)...me I like his smile, he's cute and 'bout Vee...I think I prefer him out off the screen like being himself than in the lakorn...cuz I really don't like his acting, not natural at all.


i hope that this is not true because if they were going to replace Vee then why not replaced him with someone BETTER. :shock: :shock: Oh lordy, I can't stand a chance looking at his face. He is so ULGY. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

WHofff...now I don't want Noon to end up with no pa'ek. I'd rather see her with no one.

Maybe Mo and new guy cause he's younger...but he's yuckily ulgy**FAINT** sorry to say


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he not bad looking . got a cheesy grin lol but it all good . They prolly give him a clean cut and stuff so he might look good on screen.


Dang I just heard the news...I like Vee but I guess Ch7 is desperate to promote newbies this dude, Tae, Stefan...oh well let's wait and see what happens....but I don't get why they chose him over Vee cuz usually Vee wouldn't shine more than his n'ek...unless this dude will shine in this lakorn


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Darn it, the new guy sports Korean hairstyle and Vee looks better, oh well, I guess any guy will do as long as he blends to the backround. :)


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Ditto on that Poopympang!

As long as the guy blends into the background, it could be anyone...

Well, just hope that he acts the same level as Vee or better, right?

Looks aren't everything, right?

I want to cry, why him and not Vee?

They should just give the role to talented Arnas!


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He is okay looking, I need to wait and see his talent. Maybe he migth be good at acting. I just want to see the lakorn, if the plot is good, the people in there know how to act, the lakorn is interesting. The actor and actress, sometimes doesn't really matter who plays it, it is a matter of how good their acting skills.


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Thnaks for sharing the pics Phone. Noon and Mo looks really pretty. But the guy is ok looking. Wonder when it airs?


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ahahhaahah..i think he's ok looking...not all that..hhehe..but he look kinda young for Noon tho...LOLZ..