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    Twenty-two years after the disappearance of his father, Wataru Kurenai (portrayed by Koji Seto)lives in an infamous "haunted house" where he is destined as Kamen Rider Kiva to fight life-draining monsters belonging to the Fangire Clan, the very race his father fought years ago before his disappearance. Wataru must also deal with a second rider in the series (named Kamen Rider IXA ( Kamen RaidÄ? Ikusa?)) who is part of an organization seeking to destroy the Fangire menace, as well as kill Kiva for being a greater threat than the Fangire themselves. The story is split between the actions of Wataru in the present (2008) and his father Otoya in the past (1986), slowly revealing the story behind the Fangire Clan and Kiva.

    for download of series check this link
  2. sueliq

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    wow.. just finished watching the first eps.. pretty funny
    reminded me of Power Rangers>> its both from BAN-DAI
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    wat is ur opinion bout this series so far? Do u think it was good?
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    oo....he looks cute..

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