Kaen Lum Khong

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  1. yingerbug

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    Can a buddie in here translate the songs in Kaen Lum Khong... The songs are really nice, but i dont get the whole songs. Someone please translate the one that Oi sing and goes like this... "Fao tae ror ror ror ror" thanks so much..
  2. Ceryna2001

    Ceryna2001 sarNie Hatchling

    Fao Tae ror ror ror....mean just waiting, waiting, waiting,,,because ror mean waiting, fao tae is also another word for waiting...I think this song is basicly waiting for love or something...
  3. decoy

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    hey yinger,

    oh cAn i ask if anyone had this series could u pls reup ep. 3, 4, and 14 for me i'm missing these ep.s..... i havenot gotten these ep.s yet so if somebuddie had the whole set could u reup these ep.s for me..... thanks....
  4. buklaoboi360

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    i listen to this song in the car today i liked it lol its a good song

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