Kaehard Saeng Jun


sarNie Oldmaid
yes, i agree, poo is a bad actress, at least, she's so sexy! one of the most sexy n'ek, she's on my top 2 with aum p


I watched epi one...wow Num looks good in his lakorns...but in some of the life shoots in like interviews...he looks old really pale. The lakorns alright so far...we'll see how it goes though.


sarNie Adult
WOW. MOD is sexy and Im liking the lakorn so far.

Who sings the theme song? Im thinking its Mod.

I like it. Someone upload it please. :p


sarNie Juvenile
I am dling this right now and for sure im gonna watch! It's Poo and I am being BIASED hahaha.
So far everyone thinks its ok right? I know her acting is not up there hehe. I am off to watch ^_^


sarNie Egg
Can somebody post what the lakorn is about :)
I live in Aus so i won't get too watch it til another week or two :/



sarNie Egg
liking the story...the girl cant really act but I can see that she tried...

love P'Num so much...cant get enough of him :)


Save World Save Life
haven't even watch episode 1 going wait till it ends and watch it at once sucks how it air 30-40 mins make it seem so long


sarNie Hatchling
This is Num and Poo's first lakorn together.

Anybody seen the recent episodes? No one's uploading for me so I've missed like three episodes.