K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin Gets Title of Moon Lovers Along with Screenwriter and US Funding

Discussion in 'Chinese' started by minankumo, Oct 12, 2015.

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    This production really is happening, not that I thought it would die in the water but to see it coming together piece by piece is pretty exciting for a fan of the original source material. The K-drama adaptation of popular Chinese time-traveling period romance novel Bu Bu Jing Xin(Startling with Each Step) has added to the first bits of news from the summer – the drama is still being helmed by PD Kim Kyu Tae (That Winter, the Wind BlowsIt’s Okay, It’s Love), and will be fully pre-produced in advance so that it can air simultaneously in Korea and China in early 2016.
    Now the project has gotten a new financial backer and a screenwriter to round out the behind-the-scenes team. The production budget is projected to be around 1.5 billion won and will be split between Universal Pictures and Kim Kyu Tae’s production company, making this the first K-drama in a long time to get US funding. Universal also has an eye out to release the K-version of BBJX in the US. Sadly the K-version has gotten it’s own name and will be called Moon Lovers. LOLOLOL forever. Seriously? What a dopey name for this adaptation, the original drama has nothing to do with the moon whatsoever. Way to strip any originality from the title, Korea.
    credit http://koalasplayground.com/2015/09/15/k-version-of-bu-bu-jing-xin-gets-title-of-moon-lovers-along-with-screenwriter-and-us-funding/
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    No, my Ruoxi and sierge(4th prince). I always cry at the finale no matter how many time I watched. Which led me to train wreck BBJQ, a frustrating DaMoYao and crazy YunZhongGe.
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    Say what???? Was this series really that big of a hit?? HAha.
  4. tgamber

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    Well, it was. I've never liked Kangxi's era dramas before. Really the hairstyle turns me off. And there's another imitation successful to an extent called Gong:Jade Palace lock heart. But Tong Hua is brilliant or sarcastic in a sense, writing traps within traps and heart wrenching stories.
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    I love DaMoYao. I love all of the three main cast in there. It's one of my favorite chinese drama.

    I never understood the hype for BBJX. I actually hated RX and the 4th prince in that drama. I didn't think they had chemistry and I hated how she got with her sister's husband eventhough her sister didn't love her husband. It was still gross to me for the two sisters to be sharing one guy. Then on top of that she hot with the other brother. The story was a mess to me eventhough I love Shi Shi.
  6. tgamber

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    I read Kang Haneul is in here. I've liked him since Monstar. I think Ruo Xi falling for 8th prince is mainly because the way he treated her sis. She pitied him first and touched by his love for her sis. But he didn't love her enough to just run away. Ruo Xi fell for 4th prince is like how black belly boss and the bullied employee fell in love. They bicker but they remember each detail and so. When she saw how he felt about his powerless state and the way he controlled his desire. She must have fallen deep in love. Even though both of the princes were intelligent and calculative, 4th was more cold-headed.
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    Even though BBJX is good (I still have yet to finish the last 3 or 4 eps because I don't want it to end yet lol), I wouldn't rewatch it.. unless I'm watching for the brothers' interactions. I'm still a bit iffy on RX falling for 8th prince and then later for 4th prince.

    I'm not that interested for the Korean remake but most likely I will be watching it because Lee Jun Ki is casted and I always watch his works.. plus I kind of like the whole cast.. esp. the princes. I can't wait to see Ji Soo in a historical role~~

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