Jumleuy Ruk Vs. Sawan Biang

Which one Will End Up With More Pages By Ending Episode

  • Sawan Biang

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • Jumleuy Ruk

    Votes: 4 22.2%

  • Total voters


sarNie Adult
Sawan Bieng (KA's version) will always remain as one of the best remakes in thai lakorn history. KA's version cannot be touched at all.


sarNie Hatchling
Sawan Biang!!! I got hooked since first episode. I've watched the lakorn many time. Also, I'm a fan of Ann T. and Ken T.


sarNie Immature
i noticed just in general that most yadech lovers are ateam lovers. most kalovers are mteam lovers.
I'm the minor -- Ateam lovers that are more into Mteam. ^^

its ironic too because I personally like Aum&Aff more than Ken&Anne [however Anne is a better actress] but compared Yadech to Mteam, I was definitely into Mteam more maybe because I love Mark too much. lol
Same here!!! It's nice to have you as one of my friend. We share the same thought lol.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
From what I've observed for the past few years, Fun's comment does apply to "most" of the fans here. However, I'm in the minority as well. I was never into Ateam and never was a fan. I like KA but could careless for Mteam.


Lol. wow so many threads.
For the sake of Aum, it's JLR for me.
I think the better script goes to SB.  
However, I personally prefer JLR for Aum Athichart.  Aff is okay in acting.


sarNie Adult
I'm sorry Ken Theeradeth wassss hmmm HOTTTTT. NO!! That doesn't even describe it. He was wayyy hotter than hot. More than spicy. Words can't describe it. Sawan Biang takes my mind.


Lol. I'm glad I wasn't crazy about Ken T. lmao. I'm happy for his career but I didn't ride the SB wave when it was out years ago. Weird, I know. lol
I miss Aum A even though I never rode the JLR boat either. lmao. ahahah.
But I think Aum has the complete package for me. hahahahaha