sarNie Adult
how old is Jui? some people said she's old for her age like when she did a lakorn with cee. I think if she's around 24- 25 then I think she is not old for her age. I think she looks good for her age. There seem to be a diff bt asian and american people. Most white people look mature or appropriate for their age, but when compared to Asain people it's the opposite cuz most Asian people tend to look younger than their age. People assume that she /he looks older for his/her age, but when consider the Western side it is just right for his/her age. Beyonce is like 26, but she is appropriate for her age when I conclude other western people, but in comparing to Asian people she lkooks older than her age. Usually, people look older if they have the mature physical body. For a woman, it is the curves/boobs,etc. For a man, it's the muscles and ht.


sarNie Juvenile
To be honest, i don't think Jui look that old for her age. She may look more mature but not old. Granted, im a huge Jui fan so i'm being bias. :rolleyes: i think she's 23 actually. ^_^ There's a lot of celebs who look either much younger or older than their proposed age. I just look at how they act and try not to be judgmental. :lol: