sarNie Juvenile
wow,jui has so much makeup on i mean like eyeliner.well thanks for sharing and jui looks really pretty!


sarNie Egg
I have seen some of her interview in Jun Pun Dao and some of the thai tv show...not only is she pretty, but she has an awesome and fun personality to be around with, defintely very rounded character. No wonder why...Poh used to like her before. Love Her! I heard she wrote a biography about herself that just came out this week or last week.

She has improve alot in her acting skills since that lakorn Nangfah Dern Din. They should make Jui and Num Sornarm play an action movie or lakorn together...and maybe make Num Sornarm gain another 40lbs...he looks like he has lost alot of weight and looks kind of pale in "Fah Mee Tah Wan"...must be the car accident situation he had...I feel for him. Also I would love to see Chakrit and Jui play lakorn together...that would be interesting. Overall, I hope to see more of Jui on and off screen.