Jui & New

They're going out together!!! WOW, when my maid told me I was like, WTH!?! I knew it like when they were on WWY they were holding hands and I was like, "Are they going out?" Well, that answers my question :p


sarNie Fansubber
here's the pictures of him and him and jui together.....i think he looks better wit longer hair(but not the pic in red, that's a wig).....he looks good in sai nam sam chiwit...with the long hair.



sarNie Adult
Stardust, you have a maid? hahaha..thats kinda cool. anyway, i like them better together then captain and jui. new's okay looking. he kinda reminds me of beam.


sarNie Egg
I prefer Jui with Vee or Poh better....hehe. New is ok but he looks younger then Jui...even tho they are close to the same age.


Mama Noy ♥️
i thought they were already dating? that's good for them. i'm not a fan of jui. something about acting just rubs me the wrong way. <_< [sorry jui fans]