Joy's Various Pictures


sarNie Coma
ive always wonder is her lips natural?..cuz it looks so huge like she had them done..but its very pretty on her..even though sometimes it can look so huge


sarNie Adult
Dylan! you're sis really look like her? then she must be pretty and u might be good looking as well........


sarNie Egg
I agree with the lips--

i think that she is only one with the big lips ( in a good way)-------she can pull it off nicely with the big lips....

she has a nice look to her....


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Joy is so beautiful! i agree, she's the only one i know of who looks so great with her plump lips, lol!
gosh, i mean, i know each girl is different, but in general i just think Joy's got such a unique look! love her!