Joy Rinlanee Refused to Accept Nott's Love; Nott Now Has a New Girlfriend


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Translated interview from Gossipstar:
Joy Rinlanee Refused to Accept Nott's Love; Nott Now Has a New Girlfriend

Joy Rinlanee and Nott Vorarit spent a good 4 years getting to know each other but weren't able to progress as further than just friends. Recently, Nott revealed that he now has a new girlfriend who's an air hostess. Joy then faced criticisms from social media for refusing to accept Nott's love to the point of him giving up and finding someone new. Most recently, we had the opportunity to meet Joy at an annual event that raises awareness for biodiversity. Joy feels indifferent about the news because she's used to it. She's been in the entertainment industry for a very long time. As a friend and colleague, Joy is happy for Nott.
"As for lakorns, I've been contacted to play in a lakorn with Alek. We've spoken about it; the plot will center around single mothers. There hasn't been any official confirmations from the channel yet. The project is still under discussion with them. There's a chance that I will be chosen to play it, but it's still not certain ka. Honestly, no matter who is chosen to play, this will be a very fun role. Whether it'll be me or not, it depends. It's like I described. The lakorn will be about single mothers. However, the child will be small so I don't feel any type of way about it because honestly, it's at an appropriate age. I don't have a problem with playing a mother because the character's description is around my age. In truth, the channel will have to pick someone who matches well for the role. But whether they'll pick me or not will depend ka. They haven't concluded anything yet. Whether this project will happen, I cannot conclude anything yet ka. I'm not saying that this role will be mine, but it is a project that we have spoken to each other about but there just might be a different person who fits the role better. It's normal for roles to become more mature because as a person matures with age, the roles they play will also mature. Many people of different ages and generations will develop by accepting maturer roles. It's not significant whether the role will have children or not. However, if the role is good and fun, no matter what, I will accept to play it ka. I'm not stuck on only playing n'ek. Any role is fine. As long as I read the script and fall in love with the character, I will want to play it. With Alek,  we didn't speak about this project. It's not up to me or Alek. It's up to many people. There are many fanclubs that want us to play together but I have to say that it'll be difficult for me and Alek. It has to be a specific role. It doesn't have to be as love interests though ka. I'm just an actress among many. I don't have the right to choose my roles or choose whom to play with. It all depends on the channel. 
As for news about Nott opening up about his new relationship, I feel happy for him (laughs). I haven't spoken to him. I haven't seen him ka."  
Rerporter: Are you teasing?
"I'm not the type to know how to tease people about this matter. But I am happy for him. About social media criticizing me for rejecting love, Nott and I were friends for a very long time. He's a very good person. I don't feel that anyone should be right or wrong. When it comes to dating, it's a matter between two people. It's not possible to openly explain to people in detail. However, we are friends and will still remain friends ka. Even when I'm not very involved I still some how manage to make news (laughs). I feel that if I were to go and congratulate him it'll still make news. Honestly, secretly feeling happy for him from afar is fine also. As for the social media comments online, I'm not too concerned or serious about them. I'm used to it ka. When working in the ET, no matter what the problem is, one will still be pulled into it. It's normal. However, I want everyone to understand that matters like these are between two people. We're unable to express our opinions on anyone else's personal matters ka."    




Those photos aren't very flattering of her, but I like her answers. I'll be happy for her no matter who she decides to date. Many people want Nott and her to be together, including me in the past. However, you cannot force the heart to want something that it doesn't want. I don't think she was ever interested in Nott, but he kept pursuing her hoping that she will some day open up her heart to him. Some men succeed through their perseverance while others fail. At least he was able to move on and find happiness with someone else. Joy seems happy where she's at. If she and Alek date, I don't have a problem with it because she's so happy around him despite the 10 years age gap. As for their single mom lakorn, I didn't create a thread for it yet because I want it to first be confirmed. 


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Yeah, I was going to say, the close up pic of her in the green outfit is horrible. I think, she feel bad for Nott and gave him a chance just to see if it could develop into something more. Unfortunately, it did not. You just can't force love it only leads to a failure. She has no desire to get marry in this point of her it's better off that Nott move on and love someone who's able to love him back.


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Mott have been seeing that girl for like 2 years now. They're both happy so that good. I don't know why people have to criticize her for. They weren't destined to be together so leave it be.


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They talk about it as if he just announced it officially. Lol. I don't follow his news. Idk why they just start bringing it up and bashing Joy now.

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I feel bad for him but I can understand Joy. It's not fair to Nott or herself if she were to continue the relationship but not love him. Good luck to Nott.


Awe, I'm happy Nott has moved on. I was worried that he'd still be be hung up on Joy. I really rooted for the two, but...that's okay.