Jone Plone Jai [Red Drama/RS Promotion]


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I went to thailand a couple years back and i remember watching a few episodes of this lakorn. I believe was around the years 2003-2004. All i can remember is:

This guy(main character) comes back from america(I believe) and it show a girl following him back. the guy later saves this girl(main girl female character) from being rape by strangers. the girl got knock out during the commotion and when she came back to. she thought the guy that save her was tiring to rape her since her an a beard and all. So the guy kidnap her to I believe his guest house or something. The next day he was shown on the news because of a witness. So he end up shaving his beard and try into a good looking good. He later release the girl. It later turns out that the girl he kidnap was his brother's fiancée( I think) and the guy starts to like her too.

That all i can remember please help me find this lakorn thank you


I think the lakorn you're talking about is Jone Plone Jai starring Num Sornram and Donut Manatsanun. Here's the youtube link to it:


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You can watch it with english subtitle here:
Credit: Thesisfansub


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i like Jone Plone Jai so much. Num and Donut did very well and were cute together.

Donut sang that song in ep. 1 so well! she has a nice voice!

Num was good as always. so handsome too, glad he cut his hair. lol
i think this is the second lakorn of his that i know of that he does r scene..?

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I liked and disliked this lakorn. The rawr scene was not really necessary, even though i love a good rawr in a lakorn, i want it in a good moment.