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My favorite part is when James Ji bumps Bella's shoulder hahahahaha. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!! *@^@^(*#(@)#


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Today there was a charity event where some Thai Stars were asked to contribute personal things which may be auctioned off for Charity (I think it had something to do with reforestation?) Bella gave the Padiwarada shirt which James and the other cast members signed during the last day showing (last episode) of Padiwarada and they were all watching it together.

Some people in instagram were saying the value of the shirt is 1) Bella wore it 2) James and other cast members of Padiwarada wrote on it (and James signed it while Bella was still wearing the shirt, mind you!) 3) It has James's saliva :risas3:

here they are with their matching shirts. both signed respectively in the upper right chest. (photo cr on pic)

Thankfully, the lovely lady who won the bid, instead of keeping the shirt, said that she wants Bella to get it back. So she donated the money and gave back the shirt to Bella. I'm not sure if google translate is correct, but it seems James promised to personally return the shirt to Bella.



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Hello everybody! How are you doing? Although there had been sad news the past few months, i.e. with Bella's dad passing away, and also
pictures of Bella and Weir being together the day before Bella's dad passed away - which just strongly hints that they are more than just brother-sister....
Jiranee is very much alive after winning an award just recently. They won the "Best Koojin Award" in the Star Inside Awards 2016

Photo cr: Jirayu Home

In addition, they will also be in the cover of Bride Magazine for the September Issue so please watch out for it! <3

Photo cr: Bride Magazine and James Jirayu Vietnam FC page



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This thread just makes me SO HAPPY. I can't wait for their wedding pictures. I mean, the magazine photoshoot one :)


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James and Bella are proceeding with the Jiranee Fanmeeting at Cambodia on Oct 9. Just now, James posted this in his IG:

"Hi Cambodian fans. Please stay tune for our first fan meeting in Cambodia on 9th Oct around noon. Very exciting and hope to see you all."

Aren't they the CUUUUTEST!!!!!!

Bella, on the other hand, posted this matching message in her own IG:


"ជម្រាបសួរ See you very soon Cambodia and my Cambodian fans for our first fan meeting on the 9th Oct or this Sunday around 12.30pm at Padiwaradda fan meet event. Hope to see you all my love, just can't wait!"



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Love his both dramas with Bella. Hope the new one will have more scenes together even though it's not a lover though